For several centuries, men have been coy about visiting the spa for a facial or a pedicure. The idea of a pampering treatment at a spa has been typically deemed “girly” and for some men, not considered in line with the concept of “masculinity”. Even today, most of the spa ads we see are of a woman lying down on a massage table with a towel around her as gentle feminine hands caress her back. But increasingly, we are seeing ads with photos of men in the same pose, as well as ads with both a lady and a man indulging in a relaxing couple’s massage and smiling. The reality is that men get stressed and need to unwind, just like women, and spa treatments for men offer several benefits.

Man doing his skincare routine

Self-care is not a gendered concept; it is a human need. There are proven therapeutic benefits to anything from a deep tissue massage and moisturizing facial to a good foot buffing. The stereotype that spas are only for women is way behind us, and statistics confirm this with men accounting for 47% of all guests at spas according to the most recent Consumer Snapshot released by the International SPA Association (ISPA).

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Spa treatments for men can be highly beneficial and are now a new norm in the industry and this trend is going to grow further in the next few years. But can men really overtake the spas globally? We can only wait and see. In the meantime, let’s look at the benefits men are gaining from these treatments.

Men’s Health and Wellness

As we have touched on, men are opting for spa treatments more regularly and are broadening their acceptance and willingness to indulge in a spa day. The concept that spa health benefits go beyond the accustomed manicure and massages is ever enticing men to physically and mentally look after their holistic wellness. With the evolution of the spa industry catering to men, treatments and services are being created to maximize their experience and comfort in a gender-neutral ambience.

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Spa treatments for men can increase a man’s mental well-being with treatments that can improve confidence in their look and help them feel their best. With the shift in men being more aware of their appearance and breaking the “alpha male” stigma, spas are innovating their properties to make male customers feel at home and empowering them with privacy.

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An interesting trend from male attendees to a spa is the increase in demand for the so-called “manly-cure”. This treatment is basically a manicure and pedicure for men and it involves nail shaping, buffing, and a revitalizing cuticle treatment. Removal of dry skin with an exfoliating scrub followed by a moisturizing massage of the hands and feet finalized with a paraffin wax bath for ultimate hydration.

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In relation to spa treatments for men, we need to ask ourselves, can facial treatments be as beneficial to men as they are for women? Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Facials for Men

Facials for men

Introducing facials to your skincare routine can be highly beneficial and can improve all skin types regardless of gender. The main benefits of pampering your face at a spa are the following:

  • Cleanses the skin;
  • Removes dead skin cells;
  • Moisturizes dry skin;
  • Repairs damage caused by environmental toxins;
  • Counteracts Oil Production;
  • Relieves razor burn;
  • Soothes your tension.

As you can see, facials for men provide many benefits. Skincare treatments are definitely an investment for a man’s wellness and to feel comfortable with their appearance, and never have men been luckier to have world-class spas that can empower them to avail of all the benefits we have mentioned. One such luxurious and state-of-the-art spa is Spa Imagine at Hotel Mousai, the first and only AAA five Diamond-rated resort in Puerto Vallarta and the state of Jalisco.

Best Spa Treatments for Men at Hotel Mousai

Nestled in between the majestic Sierra Madre jungle and the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean, Hotel Mousai is the perfect destination for a wellness getaway. Spa treatments for men here are extremely beneficial and have been developed to the finest detail to maximize the benefit for spagoers. Spa Imagine offers guests the ability to improve their health with new high-tech treatments mixed with traditional treatments.

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Men who wisely decide to pamper themselves at this spa love the following treatments:

For Him Facial

This 50-minute treatment aims to maintain and care for the youthfulness of men’s skin with a combination of cleansing and anti-aging techniques for a long-lasting result.

Golf Ball Sport Massage

This treatment can be of 50 or 80 minutes and it’s a massage oriented at easing tensions caused by sport and other arduous activities with the mixture of stimulating aromatherapy scents.

Gentleman Spa Package

A masculine ritual tailored for men that focuses on deep muscle relaxation followed by a revitalizing facial and a pedicure for complete spirit rejuvenation. The duration of this treatment is 130 minutes and is a favorite of Hotel Mousai’s guests.

Go Beyond the Heavy Weights

Spa Imagine in Puerto Vallarta

Men have realized that it’s not all about pumping weights at the gym day in and day out. What good is this when they have unwanted hair, shabby skin, and unsightly nails? In addition, men are now aware of the wellness benefits from spas such as Spa Imagine at Hotel Mousai with tailored treatments for men. Let’s stay tuned and see if men are going to take over a spa next to you!