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Symbolic and Spiritual Wedding at Hotel Mousai

At Hotel Mousai, we have everything in place to make your destination wedding go off with a bang, and some razzle-dazzle too. You can choose from a variety of venues for your wedding ceremony and party, including the beach, the Red Room, the Orange Deck, the Sierra outdoor mountain venue and any of the pools on the Garza Blanca Preserve. Just as you have a choice of venues, at Hotel Mousai we can also help you with a choice of rituals for a symbolic or spiritual wedding ceremony.

Romantic Rituals and Symbolic Ceremonies

In addition offering you guidance with organizing a legally binding wedding in Mexico, Hotel Mousai’s wedding planners can coordinate any number of symbolic rituals to add to your wedding ceremony. From sand blending rituals, to full shamanic ceremonies to handfasting, Hotel Mousai can perfect those special details that make your wedding unique.

Here are just some symbolic rituals you might like to choose from that are perfect for chic beach wedding at Hotel Mousai:

Blending of the Sand Ritual

Two small vases of different color sand to represent the bride and groom are poured simultaneously by the happy couple into a larger vase representing the union of the two and their families. This ceremony can also be carried out beautifully with colored water.


Pebble Ceremony

A tradition that originally comes from Australia, the bride and groom toss a pebble from the beach into the ocean symbolizing their promise to remain together despite the ebb and flow of life’s ups and downs.

Unity Candle

This symbolic ritual is still a popular choice for couples and involves having two taper candles that are lit usually by one representative from both the bride and groom’s family at the start of the ceremony. At the end, the bride and groom take a candle each to light a larger unity cancel whose flame represents their marriage. You could even save the candle to light it on your subsequent anniversaries.

unity candle

Handfasting Ritual

This is a simple ritual, generally believed to be of Celtic origin, to include in your wedding ceremony and involves tying the hands of the bride and groom together with a cord or ribbon as they say their vows.

Lasso (Lazo) Ceremony

This is a common custom in Mexico and holds a similar significance as the handfasting ritual. A ceremonial rope, beads or fabric is placed over the bride and groom’s shoulders in the figure of 8 to symbolize eternity and their commitment to one another.

Arras or Coin Ceremony

coins ceremonyThis is another traditional ritual in Mexico that is performed even within religious ceremonies in churches. Thirteen silver or gold coins called arras are placed into the grooms hand so that he may given them to his bride to represent his promise to take care of her financially; she in turn, places them back into his hands again to show their joint finances.


For help planning your dream wedding in Mexico, contact us to see how we can make your special day one to remember.