Stunning Wedding Photography at Hotel Mousai

At Puerto Vallarta’s first and only Five Diamond resort, Hotel Mousai, one can find many elements to make the most romantic setting for an idyllic wedding: stunning scenery, great weather, world-class food and a beautiful beach, not to mention ultra chic suites with private jetted plunge pools on each terrace. Hotel Mousai, located on the pristine Garza Blanca Preserve, is the perfect place for a destination wedding and an idea location for stunning wedding photography.

When it comes to weddings, so many things demand your time: the dress, the cake, the guest list, mothers and future-in-laws… and somehow considerations for the wedding album often slide to the bottom of the pile again and again. They shouldn’t! Your wedding photography is the most lasting reminder you will have of your big day, and this is why it’s so key to have a good photographer and a breathtaking location like Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Sites for Stunning Wedding Photography at the Hotel Mousai

The Beach

When staying at the Hotel Mousai on the Garza Blanca Preserve you get access to all of the beautiful sites on the preserve, and this includes the stunning, white sand beach that overlooks the famous Los Arcos rock formations. The beach offers you the option of getting sunset pictures with the vast ocean behind you, or shots with the cityscape as a background.


Infinity Pools

Hotel Mousai has a stunning rooftop pool which gives a bird’s eye view of the whole horizon; nowhere better for chic and sophisticated snapshot of your wedding party. The understated lighting makes it an ethereally beautiful place at night, too. As guests at Hotel Mousai, you can also choose one of the pools at Garza Blanca resort, if wish to extend your repertoire of poolside wedding photos.  


The Trolley Bus

Quirky and fun, couples might want to consider a transport themed album set on the iconic Hotel Mousai Trolley Bus. When staying at the Hotel Mousai you can experiment with wedding photography taken inside the trolley, from the windows, or while getting on and off the bus.  


Buddha Statues

All across the Garza Blanca Preserve there are stunning Buddha statues to be found, as well as some representing other eastern deities, and these make for stand-out wedding photos. Choose from the large imposing Buddhas outside surrounded by jungle, or pose by the golden statues at the luxurious entrance to Spa Imagine.

Botanical Herb Garden

Nature lovers, foodies and the thoroughly bohemian will love the quaint and idyllic botanical herb garden. As a location for your wedding photos it’s an earthy and peaceful setting that affords and intimate atmosphere.

Wine Cellar

Wine connoisseurs and foodies of the world could do little better for their wedding album than the award winning Blanca Blue wine cellar which is home to around 2000 bottles of varying age and value. If it happens to be raining (don’t worry, Puerto Vallarta boasts more than 300 sunny days each year), this indoor venue is sophisticated and elegant.


By Flaming Torches

The flaming torches that can be found on the walls of the Preserves restaurants will create a warm and magical ambience for your wedding photos. A dual hit of the torches and sunset will really set the album ablaze.

The Lobby

The lobby of the Hotel Mousai is perhaps the easiest to reach and most stunning interior setting for your wedding photography. It’s large enough to fit in your whole party and doesn’t require dragging grandma too far from the venue itself. What’s more the chic and modern look gives and air of glamour to the whole affair. The life sized chess pieces can give and an Alice in Wonderland feel to your shots.