Honeymoons at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta

There are very few nights in your life that will be as important, and so exciting as the first night of your honeymoon. This is the start of a new phase of your lives, and you want it to be memorable, romantic and passionate. In the process of wedding planning it is often the case that you can forget to think about the honeymoon night. Never fear, however, because we have some ideas as to how you two can have a romantic and memorable first night together without adding another stress to your wedding and honeymoon planning.

Lighting, ambiance and aromas

There are few things which create a romantic ambiance quite as quickly as the flickering glow of candle-light. Whether you find yourself enjoying a romantic dining experience for two, watching the sunset, or simply having a heartfelt one-to-one about everything that you’ve experienced together so far, candlelight can really make the atmosphere all the more romantic. We recommend neutral colors like cream and white for romance or red, pink and orange for passion.

Romantic music

Music has been cited as the “food” of love, and we believe that this is, indeed, the case. This is why we recommend that you think about songs that have meaning for the two of you and make a playlist especially for this honeymoon occasion. Alternatively you could keep it simple by sticking with a single artist or genre that you both love. This might even get you up off your feet and dancing together in your suite.

Sensual games

A little bit of fun and games never hurt anybody, and when it comes to your relationship they can be a great thing to add to your honeymoon night. A perfect example is the game where you blindfold your spouse and feed them chocolate covered fruits and have them guess which ones they’re tasting. A more risqué take on this game is to gather things of different textures and run them along his or her skin to see if the material can be guessed. Leather, silk, and ice cubes are popular choices.

Declare Your Love

Above and beyond all else, this is a night where you should tell your spouse how you feel about them. Why not wow them with a list of all the reasons that you love them and read it to them over/after dinner? You could even have it laminated and framed as a lovely memento of your honeymoon for years to come. A declaration of love and devotion is the best present you could ever give your spouse on this most romantic and special of nights, so be sure to do it in style.

Whatever you do, make sure that your honeymoon night is right for you both.