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Debunking the Myth that you Can’t Get Married Legally in Mexico

With Mexico ranking at the top of lists for destination weddings, it is no surprise that couples have a slew of questions regarding getting married legally in Mexico. Year after year, the professional wedding coordinators at Hotel Mousai work meticulously to debunk the myth that you can’t get married legally in Mexico. While the process does require extra documentation, there is no reason a bride and groom can’t make it legally official when getting married in Puerto Vallarta or other popular destination wedding locations throughout the country.

With the help of the highly professional wedding coordinators at Hotel Mousai, you’ll not only have the destination wedding of your dreams, but you’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that your nuptial union is legal. Through their knowledge about the legal requirements for getting married in Mexico, you can rest assured that you will be guided in preparing all of the proper documentation and payments necessary for a legal wedding.

Why get married legally in Mexico at Hotel Mousai

Why get married legally in Mexico at Hotel Mousai

Hotel Mousai is a great place for your destination wedding, not only because it offers sublime venues for your symbolic ceremonies, but also because our wedding planners make it possible for a Mexican judge, a requirement for legal weddings in Mexico, to be present at the resort for your civil (legal) ceremony. The Civil Wedding, which is legally binding in Mexico, requires some advance planning but it is the perfect option for couples wishing to obtain a legal wedding certificate.

When choosing Hotel Mousai for your destination wedding, you can opt to be assigned a case agent who will help you prepare any paperwork you might need to bring with you before you arrive in Puerto Vallarta. This person will also accompany you to any courthouse or office, such as Registro Civil, the Civil Registry office in downtown, that you need to visit in order to make your wedding legal. Throughout the entire process, your wedding coordinator and trusted case agent will be in constant communication, making sure to address any doubts or questions you might have regarding both your symbolic ceremony and legal marriage.

So, who said you can’t get married legally in Mexico? At Hotel Mousai it’s a piece of (wedding) cake.