Fashion Brides - Beach Wedding Dresses to Impress

If there is one thing that all brides have in common, no matter how classic, bohemian, trendsetting or chic their beach wedding will be, it is that you want to look fabulous. Your hairstyle will play an important part in your overall look, and can really help to set off your face and accentuate your dress.

When deciding on how to wear your hair on your big day, it is worth considering the reality of beach weddings, considering the climatic conditions and how that might affect your choice of hairstyle. In hot climates like Puerto Vallarta, you may be thinking that long flowing waves and side swept tresses and hair extensions are the way to go, but take it from us who live and work at the beach, that the best hairstyle advice for your beach wedding is an updo or braids. Keeping your hair away from your neck and shoulders and avoiding the potential for windswept hair in your photos becomes a priority at beach weddings.

Here is some inspiration for your beach wedding hairstyles:

Wedding Braids

Braids come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect solution to keeping your hair out of your face and off your neck for a beach wedding. From French and Dutch braids to braided crowns with floral details, you can be sure to have an original wedding hairstyle when incorporating braids. Braids are also very comfortable for beach weddings as few bobby pins and styling products are necessary.


Buns are another great hairstyle for beach weddings that come in a number of variations. From ballerina buns, bow-tie buns, double buns and side bus, you can be sure that your hair is securely fastened while looking amazing. You can even combine braids and buns together, as demonstrated in this side bun with a braid.


Chignons make for a very classic look while remaining suitable for hot climates and beach weddings. Whether centered or styled to one side, this coil of hair is positioned at the back of the head, sometimes resting on the nape. The idea is that the size of the chignon is big enough that it can be seen from the front too, peeping either size of the neck

Side swept

For those who don’t want to hide their long locks, a happy medium for your beach wedding is to opt for a side swept look, which keeps your hair off your back. You can combine a side swept wedding hairstyle with a twist, braids or even one large coiled lock.

Gibson Roll

This tucked upstyle is a favorite amongst vintage brides and classic beach weddings. Like the chignon, this soft roll sits at the nape of the neck and can be combined beautifully with floral details as well as a light train.