If you are you planning or have recently celebrated your wedding, then you know just how important it is to choose the right venue. Some of the first questions that spring to mind are whether to have an indoor or outdoor wedding; enjoy mountain scenery, desert or beach; get married in a religious venue or a secular beauty spot or hotel. A beach wedding can be the perfect start to your fairytale. Picture your guests seated on soft sand, the breeze of the ocean, a breathtaking sunset, and the sounds of the ocean as you say your “I do!”

Here are 6 Reasons to Say “Yes!” to a Beach Wedding:

Charm Wedding


Charm is a big factor at a beach wedding. There is something so irresistible about making your heartfelt promises at the water’s edge as though the whole universe was witness to your commitment. With the ocean as your backdrop you will find that other details such as music and decoration seem less important as the symphony of the waves serenades you and the colors of the sea offset your wedding theme.

Comfort Wedding


Comfort is often a consideration that is overlooked by brides and grooms when planning their wedding day, not only for the wedding party but also for the guests. Beach weddings mean that you can enjoy comfortable and casual attire without being any less elegant. The men can wear lightweight, light colored suits and the bridesmaids and bride can wear a lighter fabrics according to their own preferences. In addition, all of your guests can wear comfortable clothing too, which sets up a warm and positive atmosphere for your wedding day.

Best Weather for a Wedding


Obviously, this reason will totally depend on a number of factors such as which beach you will be holding your beach wedding on, time of year and luck. However, in general, most people choose a beach wedding in a tropical destination like Mexico or the Caribbean to guarantee warm sunny weather for your big day.

Easy to decorate

The decor for beach weddings can be a simple as you like, taking advantage of the natural features that surround you. Your wedding color scheme could be bright contrasts or soft tans and corals and or perhaps even shades of blue and green colors. What is for sure is that your beach wedding will be beautiful with minimal effort.



If you combine a beach wedding with a destination wedding, then you will have extra time to spend on vacation, merging together the cost of your wedding with the cost of your honeymoon. Another consideration is that for destination weddings, your guest list is naturally shorter without offending anyone! You can spend special time with your close friends and family members and they will thank you for a vacation full of excitement and fun away from home. Elopement is also a fabulous option for beach weddings.

Wedding Romance


And last but not least, beach weddings are just so romantic! Maybe it’s the sound of the ocean waves, the setting sun, the salt air or the sand beneath your toes, beach weddings have the edge when it comes to romance.

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