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Lavish experiences as usual during hurricane Patricia

Hotel Mousai
Highway to Barra de Navidad Km. 7.5,
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. México C.P. 48390.
Phone. 011 +52 (322) 176 0700


Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta is happy and grateful to share that it was fully operational within hours after the potentially catastrophic Hurricane Patricia made landfall approximately 150 miles south of Banderas Bay on Friday October 24, 2015.

Guests at Hotel Mousai were able to indulge in the Rooftop Pool, Spa Imagine and all the facilities at Hotel Mousai upon waking on Saturday October 24th, 2015, just hours after Hurricane Patricia had passed the evening before. Following a tension-filled day, guests were eager to get back to the business of having a marvellous time.

Having broken the record for the most forceful hurricane ever seen on Mexico’s coasts, the category 5 hurricane named Patricia threatened winds of more than 200 mph when it made landfall on Friday October 23rd and looked to be heading towards Puerto Vallarta. The potentially disastrous system grew from a seemingly innocent tropical depression to a category 5 Hurricane in less than 4 days, making preparations for its possible arrival to Puerto Vallarta dependent on quick decision making and emergency procedures.

Fortunately for Puerto Vallarta, Hurricane Patricia made landfall between La Huerta and Cihuatlan, more than a 100 miles south of Banderas Bay with a relatively short radius of intense winds. The effects of her force were shielded by the Sierra Madre Mountains that protect Puerto Vallarta and the hurricane quickly downgraded to a category 3 hurricane provoking prolonged rain in Banderas Bay.

Nevertheless, before Hurricane Patricia hit land, it was difficult to predict the effects of this unprecedented weather phenomenon for Mexico’ Pacific coast, therefore a state of emergency was called at relatively short notice, which brought about curfews in Puerto Vallarta and evacuations of vulnerable people as the city prepared for the worst case scenario. Hotel Mousai followed the necessary precautions and emergency procedures to ensure that its facilities and guests were well protected and comfortable. This included boarding up windows, removing furniture from the beach and pool areas, storing artwork, and inviting guests to remain in a safe haven shelter in the hotel’s conference venue, the Red Room. Some guests chose to evacuate and cut short their vacations aided by the hotel staff.

For those Hotel Mousai guests who remained, every effort was made to ensure that their experience was as pleasant as possible:

Considering the catastrophe that happened yesterday, with Category 5 Hurricane Patricia, the staff is impeccable; Hotel Mousai will take care of you from top to bottom,” shared Mai Le, a guest at Hotel Mousai during the passing of Hurricane Patricia, “I am so happy that we booked this hotel. This is my first time here and it won’t be my last time. I am so so happy. And what happened yesterday, I am not upset, I am very happy. I always tell everybody; don’t worry be happy, you’re in a five star hotel. Just relax, everyone will take care of you, just relax … Good food, good service, everyone is so considerate. You know what, you are going to be taken care of. You don’t need to worry about anything.”

From around 2pm, Mousai guests were invited to take temporary shelter in the Red Room conference venue where they remained until it was deemed safe for them to return to their rooms later that day. Together in the Red Room, the Hotel Mousai staff made sure that guests were comfortable, serving food and beverages. There were also activities and movies to keep morale high. At the same time, guests were given regular updates about the trajectory of  the Category 5 Hurricane.

“It is an honor to be part of such a dedicated team that held everything together in order to safeguard our guests and still provide the quality service that we are known for in what could have been a highly unfavorable situation,” commented Carlos Aquino, Tafer Hotels and Resorts’ Vice President of Hospitality, “the contentment and safety of our guests would not have been possible without the commitment and loyalty of our team members.”

Guests were able to relax once Hurricane Patricia made landfall around 6.30pm and it became clear that Puerto Vallarta had been spared the most devastating effects of the hurricane. By 8pm the procedure to escort guests back to their rooms began and all guests were able to sleep safe in the comfort of their suites. Throughout the night, the task began to return the hotel to its usual glory, replacing all the works of art that had been stored away from potential harm and making sure that guests would wake to the 5 Diamond hotel they had imagined when they made their reservation.

By Saturday afternoon, less than 24 hours after Hurricane Patricia hit the coast of Mexico, Hotel Mousai was functioning at full steam providing the lavish style and class that is customary at this 5 Diamond Hotel.




Offering ultra-chic contemporary vacations for guests aged 16 and over, Hotel Mousai is a cutting-edge luxury beach resort sitting like the crown jewel at the heart of Garza Blanca Preserve. Featuring gourmet restaurants, infinity pools, and a collection of lavish junior suites and penthouse in addition to the most dazzling and pampering spa in the area.




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