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Ultra Mousai’s Pillow Menu and Aromatherapy


Without a doubt, Hotel Mousai’s opulent accommodations—with private jetted plunge pools, chic interiors and king-size beds you will never want to leave—are sure to delight and inspire you.  What’s more, when you book a stay in an Ultra Mousai Suite at the 5 Diamond hotel in Puerto Vallarta, you will have access to incredible extras including a Pillow Menu and a range of Aromatherapy fragrances to turn your suite into a personalized haven.  

Pillow Menu

As an Ultra Mousai Suite guest, you will be able to select from the pillow options listed below to help lull you into a deep and relaxing sleep while you are staying at Hotel Mousai:

Cloud 9 – This memory foam (visco) pillow features a polyester sheath on the inside and a cotton cover on the outside.  It is able to adjust to your head’s weight and temperature for a truly customized sleep.  The orthopedic design encourages proper spinal alignment while sleeping and helps you enjoy a delightful, dream-inducing sleep.  

Moonlight – Filled with polyester stuffing and covered in soft cotton, this firm pillow cradles your head and neck in a supportive and natural position that allows for a peaceful sleep.

Red Sky – This luxurious pillow is filled with goose down and covered in cotton to create a sumptuous sleeping environment thanks to nature’s finest materials.  

Starry Night – Constructed of small, soft goose breast feathers and surrounded in cotton, this light and fluffy pillow invites a soothing sleep from the moment your head touches it.  

Aromatherapy Menu

You will also be able to choose from a range of aromatherapy oils that will envelop your suite with an inviting fragrance that will enchant you when booking an Ultra Mousai Suite.  Take your pick from the following scents:

Cinnamon Spice – Known for its ability to stimulate our physical and emotional sides, cinnamon oil energizes the body and mind and can help relieve everything from headaches and irritability to drowsiness and pain.  

Citrus – A popular choice in aromatherapy, citrus is able to deliver a soothing yet invigorating effect that is helpful in lowering anxiety and stress levels and encouraging a feeling of tranquility.

Lavender – The calming scent of lavender essential oil makes it one of the most sought-after in the world.  It can help ease stress-related conditions including insomnia, nervous tension, anxiety and migraines.   

Peppermint – The stimulating effect that peppermint provides makes it a common choice when looking to increase mental alertness, while the stimulating scent is just outright delicious.

Why not book an Ultra Mousai Suite today and enjoy the most sublime experience? Click here for reservations.