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Stunning Breakwater for Hotel Mousai’s Beach in Puerto Vallarta

Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta is thrilled to announce the completion of its jetty project, an ecological venture aimed at protecting the stunning white sand beach in Puerto Vallarta that lines the Garza Blanca Preserve. Hotel Mousai at Garza Blanca Preserve have worked together with authorities and ecological groups to ensure that its stunning breakwater works in harmony with nature’s cycles.

A Strong Seawall Can Make All the Difference

To prevent erosion from high tides, waves and currents, the breakwater forms a natural looking barrier out in the sea, creating a natural pool of salt water and a source of protection from Mother Nature’s elements.

Upon completion, it has become more than apparent that a strong seawall can make all the difference, especially for guests of the resort who are now benefiting from the saltwater pool that formed as a result of the breakwater construction. The calm waters and soft sand bottom make a haven for young swimmers and those looking to perfect their paddle boarding skills.

In addition, the smooth surface and placid water have even brought about a larger array of sea life, making it the ideal location for an enchanting snorkeling session. The resort’s activities team and a large number of guests have reported amazing snorkeling conditions close to shore, a truly magical underwater endeavor for guests of Hotel Mousai.

breakwater garza blanca hotel mousa puerto vallarta

A Matter of Ecological Importance

As with all of Hotel Mousai’s construction, the new breakwater is ecologically sound and built to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Its design, generated by marine architects in consultation with ecological authorities, serves as a guardian not only for the sand but for the multitude of marine life that makes the manmade reef its home.

The completion of the stunning breakwater project, just in time for the summer vacations, makes it the ideal time to visit Hotel Mousai. Come and experience the new saltwater lagoon that graces the shore of Mexico’s most cutting­edge resort.