Hiroshi, the gourmet Japanese restaurant located at Hotel Mousai, is excited to present 2019’s OMAKASE! Launching on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 and continuing until October 13th, this year’s OMAKASE event will be full of new Japanese taste sensations. Resident Chef Jorge Humberto Carrasco in collaboration with special guest Master Chef Hiroshi Shima invite you to try their innovative food creations. 

This signature event has been running consecutively for the past four years and this year’s version is set to be the best one yet. Hiroshi’s regular menu will be replaced by an OMAKASE style of dining and it will be your opportunity to take part in a unique chef’s table experience where our talented chefs will surprise you with sensational flavors across several courses. An à la carte menu will not be available since the tradition of OMAKASE is for guests to leave their food choices entirely up to the chef. This style of dining allows chefs to have absolute creative freedom and attending this event is a great opportunity to experience contemporary Japanese gastronomy. 

About Hiroshi Restaurant 

About Hiroshi Restaurant

Hiroshi restaurant takes its name from Master Chef Hiroshi, not to be confused with guest chef Hiroshi Shima. This gourmet restaurant at Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta blends East Asian textures and ingredients into an inventive fusion of flavors.  

Everything about Hiroshi radiates imagination, quality and vitality, challenging the senses with unique combinations of ingredients that are spicy, raw and fresh. Each gourmet Japanese dish is masterfully prepared and presented to complete satisfaction. 

Biographies of the Chefs 

Resident Chef, Jorge Humberto Carrasco

Resident Chef, Jorge Humberto Carrasco has dedicated his gastronomic career to perfecting his work in Japanese cuisine. He began his exciting journey at Miyako and Suntory Japanese restaurants in Mexico City where he gained valuable knowledge  that opened doors for him to become a part of the Nobu team. Nobu has more than 20 restaurant locations worldwide and is recognized for its innovative cuisine. 

 Carrasco uses his gastronomic wisdom about Japanese dishes to create new concepts, giving each dish he creates a unique and surprising style. 

Guest Master Chef, Hiroshi Shima

Guest Master Chef, Hiroshi Shima was born in Hokkaido in northern Japan where he learned the art of traditional “Kaiseki” cuisine (traditional multi-course Japanese dinner), training under several master chefs in Kyoto. He later moved to Los Angeles to explore western cooking styles and made his name working at some of the most prestigious Japanese restaurants in the United States. He opened Sushi Roku Hollywood and he now oversees all six Sushi Roku restaurants in the U.S. 

Chef Shima’s signature style is to provide diners with a new experience of sushi and sashimi, using olive oil, chili peppers and caviar liked never paired before in Asian cooking. He is known for his “passion and curiosity for cuisine” which complements Sushi Roku’s concept for modern Asian cuisine and the art of fusion.  

Omakase 2019 Menu 

Menu selection by Humberto Carrasco & Hiroshi Shima   

This special five-course contemporary Asian menu of palatable perfection will be paired with specialty drinks to compliment the dishes. 



Salmon, tuna, kampachi 


Blue Orchid 

Hendrick´s, hypnotic, simple syrup and lime 



Hokkaido Scallops Sashimi, wasabi caviar & yuzu sauce 


Lotus Flower 

Rum, limoncello, passion fruit & Lychee puree 



Sushi Assortment Chef selection & maki O-toro 


Pearl Lust 

Absolut pear, agave honey and rice Horchata 



Chef Selection Robata Board 



Hendrick´s, vodka, Yuzu, Agave honey, clove syrup & pitahaya 



Traditional Japanese Rice Ice-Cream 


Family Rice Don Julio añejo, Ozeki, Vanilla syrup & evaporated milk 

Advance Reservations are Required 

OMAKASE 2019 is available to guests, members and owners for an additional cost of $140 USD per person and is not included in the all-inclusive package since it is an exclusive event. This price includes a welcome drink, food and drink pairings over five courses as well as an after-dinner cocktail on the rooftop.  

Residents of Puerto Vallarta and guests staying at Garza Blanca are also invited to attend this extra special Asian gourmet feast provided that they book in advance. The spaces are assigned through two dinner seatings: the first at 6:00 pm and the second at 9:00 pm with a maximum of 60 spaces per seating. As spaces are limited, it is essential to make reservations in advance to ensure you will not miss out on this year’s tastetastic experience.   

RSVP 322 176 0715 ext. 6200/6201