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Mousai’s First Guests Paddleboard in Paradise

Hotel Mousai’s first guests took to the waves yesterday on paddleboards, their maiden voyages a colorful sight to be seen from the beach. The excited group of Mousai trendsetters started their paddleboard adventure on the shoreline, joined by Hotel Mousai’s Experience Manager, Juan Chavez who made a special visit to see Mousai’s first guests safely into the water.

After a quick introduction on land as to how to use the equipment, and with each guest fitted with the correct size lifevest, the adventurers pushed their paddleboards into the water. Hotel Mousai guests who were inexperienced in paddleboarding were encouraged to stay within the signalled area close to the shore, while those who felt confident, took the paddleboards further out into the bay to appreciated the stunning skyline and Hotel Mousai’s distinctive architecture.

A Leisurely Sport for Mousai Trendsetters

Paddle boarding as a sport as well as leisure activity has become more and more popular, with key benefits as a complete body workout. In particular, your core and abdominal muscles remain particularly active when paddleboarding to retain your balance on the board, particularly in rougher conditions. While your stomach muscles are guaranteed to receive a good workout, your arms, legs and back are conditioned too, almost effortlessly. The further and faster you travel on the board will also determine the cardiovascular benefits of this favored water sport at Hotel Mousai.

The waters that surround the beach at Hotel Mousai are ideal for paddleboarding, especially as you get further out beyond the gentle surf. Once you get the hang of the sport, you will be hooked and maybe even tempted to join the tour to Los Arcos, which leaves from the beach 3 times a week (reservations recommended).