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June Wellness Retreat in Full Swing at Hotel Mousai

Hotel Mousai’s June Wellness retreat in conjunction with Spa Imagine and Mindfulhabits gets off to an inspiring start in Puerto Vallarta with healthy eating, nutrition classes, beauty and therapy workshops, Fit Camp and yoga, yoga and more yoga!

This last week we have had some super, healthy fun with visiting duo Olivia Cecchettini and Matt Huz from San Diego delighting wellness retreat guests with their Om Experience, guest yoga teacher Mónica González from Korima Studio yoga school in Puerto Vallarta, therapist Maricela Rodriguez and local Fit Camp guru Reno Perez.

Om Experience

A delightful duo and talented individuals, Olivia Cecchettini and Matt Huz have been captivating guests with their inspiring combination of yoga and music during the first weeks of June Wellness at Hotel Mousai. The Om Experience brings a whole other level to your yoga practice, merging healing vibrations from the guitar with your breath and concentration as you lose your ego within each yoga pose, emerging as your authentic self at the end of each class. Comforted and soothed by the sound of Matt’s voice, Olivia guides you effortlessly through a stimulating series of asanas where you find yourself gliding into poses you never thought possible inspired by her charm and perfectly signaled instructions.
Power Yoga
Joining us throughout June Wellness, Mónica González from Puerto Vallarta’s Korima Studio delivers a powerful morning yoga class each Tuesday. Here careful and inspiring yoga practice leaves you vitalized and powered-up for the rest of the day. Followed by some green juice to keep your energy flowing.

Kundalini Yoga

Regularly during the June Wellness retreat, our resident Hotel Mousai yoga teacher, Prócoro Hernández, leads a meditative kundalini yoga class either on the beach or by the river in the jungle that surrounds Hotel Mousai. Kundalini yoga focuses on preparing the body to raise the life-force energy (kundalini) that is stored at the base of the spine.

Fit Camp

Reno Perez has been taking guests through the very eye of the tiger with his intense yet uplifting fit camp held within the lush tropical surroundings at Hotel Mousai’s Outdoor Play and Fitness center on Saturdays. Starting the routine with a light warm up jogging from Hotel Mousai to the venue, guests work up a sweat in paradise before attending to the hard work of burning fat and building muscle on the tennis courts, finishing the class with an inspirational cool down listening to motivational affirmations.

Nutrition Classes

During the first weeks of June Wellness, we were joined by nutritionist, health coach and founder of Sé Verde, Sofia Ramirez who guided us through the benefits of an alkaline diet as a means of preventing diseases and giving us the energy and vitality we all crave in our day to day lives. Providing important guidelines about how to balance our diet to make our bodies more alkaline rather than acidic, Sofia gave a practical demonstration of how to make green juice with tips for adding healthy alkaline habits into our daily routines.

Nutrition Classes June Wellness at Hotel Mousa Puerto Vallarta

Freeing Ourselves from the Past

Joining us for a special lecture about how to identify the emotional and psychological baggage we bring with us from childhood, Reiki master and holistic therapist Marisela Rodriguez invited us to consider our past experiences, offering ways to release any guilt, blame or resentment that we hold from childhood.

Beauty Tips

Spa Imagine’s very own spa manager, Rosa Gonzalez has been delivering beauty workshops for guests at the spa where you can learn simple tips to keep your skin and face in tip top condition.

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Next we will be joined by Istaguru and raw health coach, Yovana Mendoza from San Diego, who will lead us on a journey into raw food and how we can incorporate this dietary preference into our daily lives. Yovana will be leading cooking classes, workouts and workshops during her time at June Wellness.

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