Hotel Mousai Live Music

When you book your stay at the unparalleled Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, you can now look forward to even more ways to enjoy the art of living.  A Live Music Experience program has just begun, allowing guests to take in the sounds of live music every single day.  Four talented musicians hailing from Cuba will be on site to enhance the already exquisite atmosphere with a variety of musical genres featuring sounds from the flute, violin, trumpet and saxophone.   

Uplifting Live Music

Guests of Hotel Mousai can revel in this new live music program designed to further improve the quality of their stay.  These solo artists will be playing in several key locations around the resort such as in the on-site restaurants, on the beach or by the pools.  You can find out where they will be located by consulting the activities team.  Performances by these four remarkable musicians are sure to be the highlight of each day at the resort, where they will play an impressive range of musical styles with various instruments.

Talented Musicians

Musicians Kenia Marquez Landa, , Jorge Luis Escalona Reyna, Kátherin González Álvarez and Claudia Madera Neyra, all of whom are from Cuba, have created a wonderful selection of musical offerings that perfectly harmonize with the areas in which they will be played.  Whether you take in the sounds of the flute or violin as you lounge on the beach, savor a gorgeous sunset as you listen to violin or trumpet, dine on a gourmet meal as the saxophone plays softly in the background, or sway to the rhythm of live music as you relax by the pool, the addition of music to these experiences will undoubtedly make them even more special.  Every day’s program will be unique, with the musicians choosing different venues and instruments based on the particular vibe they are feeling.  

Solo Performances and Beyond

Thanks to the Live Music Experience, you can allow yourself to get swept up in the magic of incredible solo performances during your vacation.  In addition, these accomplished musicians will occasionally join forces to bring you an ensemble concert or jam session, which will be noted in each week’s activities program.  Furthermore, these four talents can also be hired for on-site special celebrations and events such as weddings. Why not let one or all of them serenade you as you dine on a romantic meal?  

No matter what you have in mind for your vacation, live music will make it even more spectacular at Hotel Mousai