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Hotel Mousai’s Hiroshi is Best InMexico

Hotel Mousai's Hiroshi is Best InMexico

In September of this year, InMexico Magazine hosted their annual Best InMexico contest, collecting the very best in luxury resorts, romantic getaways, spas, customer service, restaurants and so much more and putting them to a vote. They listed the top selections in each category and then handed it over to the public to decide who really was the very best.

The competition was fierce as the people chose which locations had left that indelible mark of perfection in their memory.

The Best Sushi & Ceviche in Town

Under the very specific category of Best Sushi/Ceviche in Puerto Vallarta, Hotel Mousai’s Hiroshi: Contemporary Japanese Cuisine was pitted against nine other excellent restaurants in the city. Many of the final tallies were incredibly close amongst the other contenders showing them to be equally tasty options. But we are very proud to announce that Hiroshi received more than double the number of votes over all other contestants.

We were unequivocally chosen as the very best sushi and ceviche restaurant in all of Puerto Vallarta. We believe every moment of a dining experience leads to a collective impression. That is why we sourced out the finest sushi chef and highly trained kitchen staff available to create a menu that is visually stimulating as well as astounding to the most prestigious of tastes. Hiroshi guarantees your mouth an exceptional meal, but we also looked to every detail in service and design.

The restaurant itself is filled with crisp, clean elegance that sets the stage for the stunning views of Banderas Bay. From the moment you walk in the door, your eyes will feast on blue waters and an endless sky in the comfort of a stylishly adorned setting. The service you receive will be impeccable from beginning to end. This is not just another meal. It is an experience that you will remember and repeat.

That is why Hiroshi at Hotel Mousai is the best InMexico.