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Form, Function and Luxury

Interview with Hotel Mousai’s Architect and Creative Director

Emerging boldly from the palm-covered Sierra Madre Mountains as you drive south along the coastal road from Puerto Vallarta, Hotel Mousai dazzles in the sunshine promising chic jungle adventure with cutting-edge style. But what inspiration lies behind this architectural feat? We spoke to architect, Carlos Palomera and Hotel Mousai’s Creative Director to find out just what makes Hotel Mousai the trendiest new arrival to hit Puerto Vallarta this decade.

What was the inspiration behind Hotel Mousai’s external architecture?

CP: Art and nature. Firstly, with such spectacular views of Banderas Bay, we had to find ways to creatively capitalize on the mind-blowing views and lush green jungle that surrounds as well as design a hotel where both public and private spaces become three dimensional works of art.
Being 18 floors, we wanted Hotel Mousai to harmonize with its environment yet remain striking. This brought us to a multi-layered architectural response to the organic contours of the mountains, maximizing the views of the city skyline on the horizon as well as the sweeping outline of Banderas Bay.

What about the internal architectural design?

CP: Again, the objective was to fully prioritize the impressive surrounding views, integrating them into the design via four key elements. Firstly, the access route to the hotel lobby harmoniously navigates the natural contours of the mountain and gives you a sense of the mountain beneath.
Secondly, the interior architectural design favors large glass areas, bay windows and double-height spaces to accentuate the expansive vistas across the ocean.
We also embraced an “inside-outside” concept for public areas such as restaurants, terraces and decks as well as connectivity with the ground level and its gardens by means of landscaped paths and steps interwoven into the mountain. Finally, we included outdoor Jacuzzis on the terraces of each suite, providing intimate yet panoramic views for all guests.

What is the key to Hotel Mousai’s success as an architectural project?

CP: It is such a creative and ambitious project; it takes more than a trendy concept board (although believe me we have lots of them too) to make it reality. I think what is the key is the teamwork that has made it happen. We have an experienced team with years of experience building luxury hotels sparked by the enthusiasm of young blood and passionate vision.
Hotel Mousai is a fusion of the luxury only experience can identify and innovation that comes from the passion of youth.

How does the interior design reflect the overall architectural concept?

CD: Art is definitely at the heart of Hotel Mousai. After all, the name of the hotel makes reference to the Greek muses, implying all types of art as well as inspiration and the senses.
The intention was to make the suites at Hotel Mousai playful statements that embody the idea of a sensual partnership and chic romance. We want our guests to feel comfortable yet frivolous, elegant yet trendy.
We have sought to make the functional, fashionable and the practical luxurious, like the electric curtains and lighting that are pre-set to the flip of a switch and the seductive gold tiled Jacuzzi on a private deck that makes you feel like the Queen of Sheba on tour.

How would you describe the style of the suites?

CD: Chic and trendy! They are designed for lavish tastes but the style is elegantly modern. Rich textures as well as colors and tones play a role in defining the space. Also, clean lines complemented by ambient lighting and an open floor plan make for a subtle transition from interior to exterior. You really want to be able to see the amazing view from wherever you are in the suite – really, the views are spectacular.

And does the bathroom live up to this concept too?

CD: Yes! Every detail at Hotel Mousai is an excuse for opulence and playful style. The bathroom is camouflaged by a sassy mirror wall and has a bright red designer chair overlooking the ocean and private Jacuzzi. Large mirrored closets create a sense of depth and the shower walls are decorated in Venetian chocolate litmus with quartz plates. The toilet is also its own adventure, as each one has a toto washlet that acts like an automatic bidet.

Hotel Mousai is due to open its door for the first time in November 2014, so there is still time to make your reservation to be among the first to stay at Puerto Vallarta’s most chic and trendy beach hotel.