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What is the Advantage of Booking Hotel + Flight Packages?

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You have been eyeing Puerto Vallarta for quite a while. The vibrant town, atmosphere, food, and the unbelievable beaches! However, between Covid 19 restrictions, the economy and, of course, everyday life, you have been wondering whether or not checking out hotel + flight packages to visit Puerto Vallarta is a smart move.

Booking hotel + flight packages, is it smart?

Fortunately, yes, it is smart to take advantage of flight and hotel packages, especially at all-inclusive resorts such as Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta, where drinks and meals are included, and where you won’t need to reach for your wallet whenever you feel hungry or thirsty. Also, adding the flight fare to the final cost of your trip will definitely not hurt.

hotel + flight packages at Hotel Mousai
Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta

A resort such as Hotel Mousai offers exclusive activities when booking your hotel stay and flights together as a plus. Activities range from kayak trips to Puerto Vallarta’s Los Arcos and snorkeling lessons, to exquisite Mezcal and Wine tastings and yoga events at the beach.

hotel + flight packages include activities
Woman kayaking in Los Arcos, Puerto Vallarta

With today’s technology, you can reserve your flight and hotel packages without going to a local agency, and find the best available deals within minutes. For instance, if you are looking to book your hotel and flight package at Hotel Mousai, you can simply click here to see all the details of Mousai’s exclusive hotel + flight package!

Why do hotels have packages? 

Hotels are always looking to boost occupancy, and creating packages is a common practice to achieve this goal, especially during low season.

Man smiling while doing something on his computer
Man smiling while doing something on his computer

Therefore, booking hotel + flight vacations is not only convenient for you, but it is a strategy that works for hotels as well. Part of the strategy is to upsell room types, for example, by offering more meaningful discounts on better rooms. Another advantage for hotels is that, when customers book a package, cancellation rates are often lower.

What is the advantage for the customer?

As we mentioned, costs can be lower and you can save money, securing the best prices both on your reservation and flights, but there are other perks as well.

For instance, when you book you hotel + flight, you don’t have to necessarily pay upfront, but you will pay a part, and upon check in, you will pay for the rest of your stay. This allows for smart budgeting, and offers an advantage when used wisely. For instance, when booking at Hotel Mousai, you will be charged for the first night after making your reservation, and the remaining balance will be charged once you arrive to the hotel, at front desk.

Where to book flight and hotels? 

Call center agent
Call center agent

The to go option is always to book directly at the website of the resort you are staying at. Hotel Mousai has a section where you can find amazing packages right on its website; you can also chat with one of their travel specialists to find the best options for you (flights included).

Is it best to book flight and hotel together?

Couple looking for flights on their computer
Couple looking for flights on their computer

Yes! Vacation packages are a good deal, and it is best to book flight and hotel together. Some travelers have found that last-minute flight and hotel bundles can offer great savings, because many companies look to off-load unsold flights and hotel rooms. Of course, this is not always the case, and may work if you are more on the spontaneous side. But even if you are booking in advance, vacation packages are often a smart take, because you can find amazing deals in sought-after destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, and you can have a chance to stay at luxurious resorts such as Hotel Mousai.

Check out what Hotel Mousai has to offer in terms of all-inclusive flight and hotel packages, and enjoy an exclusive all-inclusive experience in Puerto Vallarta.


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