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What Is Black Friday?

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We all love good deals, that’s why Black Friday is one of the best days, but what is Black Friday? Do you know how it originated, the changes and results that it has created?

We will explain what it is, how it came about, and the best tips, so you don’t miss out on the incredible discounts that these days offer you!

What is Black Friday?

The day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is known as Black Friday. It is a day full of incredible shopping offers and great discounts on flights, hotels, electronics, clothing, and much more! It is also considered the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, which often turns out to be the busiest shopping day of the year.

But how did it turn out to be such a big shopping day?

It’s hard to say when the day after Thanksgiving became the commercial monster we now know, but it probably dates back to the late 19th century when Thanksgiving parades were shop-sponsored.

What is Black Friday?

To get strong sales started during the holiday shopping season and draw in crowds of shoppers, stores promoted great deals the day after Thanksgiving for decades, relying on many companies and businesses to give their customers and employees that Friday off.

Businesses launched this concept to boost post-Turkey Day sales. The deals started long before the day was named “Black Friday.”

Nowadays, many companies open in the early morning and close later to attract more customers yet offer minimal inventory to encourage more purchases.

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy use Black Friday to offer massive price cuts to shoppers just before Christmas begins and boost their sales.

What is Cyber Monday?

Black Friday centers on promotions in physical stores, while Cyber Monday is for those who prefer the digital world. It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Cyber Monday marks the unofficial start of the online holiday shopping season. The idea is simple, give consumers who have to work after the Thanksgiving weekend a chance to shop online.

Many digital-focused retailers advertise their promotions and sales earlier to compete against Black Friday deals and brick-and-mortar stores.

As the pandemic progresses and we embrace a more digital life, Cyber Monday has proven to be a total success. In 2021, Cyber Monday sales reached a record high, totaling $10.8 billion, beating Black Friday sales of $9 billion (up 21.6% over 2019).

Black Friday Tips

Make a list of what you need and what you want

Make a list for Black Friday

Know what you want and need to buy. You will not save anything if you buy things you do not need. Even if they have a considerable discount, they will not do you any good if you put them aside.

Investigate beforehand

It’s always a good idea to do some research on the products that you want. Many web pages display advertisements that describe their promotions.

Waiting until sales start is the best way not to get what you were looking for… Plan ahead.

Compare and review prices

Woman comparing prices

It isn’t easy to find the right store to buy the products you want. Several apps help you compare prices between stores, get coupons, and analyze how prices fluctuate before and during Black Friday.

It is essential to see the prices before to check that they did not put a fictitious discount. According to The Wall Street Journal, it is not uncommon for businesses to increase costs before Black Friday so that the deals look much more impressive.

Subscribe to the email lists of your favorite brands

Many brands give special discounts, coupons, rebates, and promotions to their newsletter subscribers. You can also search for the loyalty programs of your stores as many offer rewards only available to members.

Let’s not forget about social networks, as they are a great way to get information about exclusive offers and promotions! Check social media accounts to always be up to date.

Go exploring days before

The last thing you want to do is get lost in the Black Friday rush, so get to know the store, the aisles you want to go to and find the fastest route to the items that interest you.

Start early

Black Friday starts early. Offers begin in the early morning, and often several companies start days before. If you’ve explored the store before, you already know what you want and what your best route is.

Early risers understand; whoever arrives earlier gets what he wants. Often, the best deals are only available for a limited time or in limited quantities. If the discount is good, the supplies will not last long.

Read the return policies

Beware of fine print that many tend to overlook. Before making a purchase, take your time and see if it can be returned and refunded.


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