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The Orange Tree: A Symbol of Inspiration

Hotel Mousai, Puerto Vallarta’s first and only 5 Diamond adults only resort in Puerto Vallarta, is committed to offering its guests a unique and inspiring experience. Part of that commitment can be seen in each and every detail of the design and architecture. One design element that is hard to miss, and which sparks lively conversations amongst our guests, is the Orange Tree located on the Orange Deck outside of the hotel’s lavish Red Room events space.

The Orange Deck

The Orange Deck

The Orange Deck is a versatile outdoor space at Hotel Mousai. When it is not in use as a venue for wedding ceremonies and other events, it is generally dedicated to quiet reflection, tranquility and wellness activities such as yoga and meditation as well as transforming into a fresh juice bar for guests to enjoy at breakfast time. The space is characterized by the iconic Orange Tree that offers both shade and inspiration. However, this tree is more than just a design feature, the Orange Tree holds a number of symbolic meanings that are intended to inspire the imagination and the senses.

Tafer Hotels & Resorts

The Orange Tree symbolizes Hotel Mousai’s developer, Tafer Hotels & Resorts, which is a family run business that boasts more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Since its installation at Hotel Mousai, the Orange Tree has become an iconic symbol of the company’s commitment to both its guests and its staff. A replica of the tree has also been installed in another of Tafer’s resorts in the Mexican mountains at Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, where the vibrant orange color is like a powerful beacon set against the verdant backdrop of the mountains. The widespread reaction to the Orange Tree has been such that the tree has become an iconic symbol of Tafer’s vision, and now features in the designs of the new resorts currently under construction in Los Cabos, Cancun, and the Riviera Maya.

Architecture: the balance between space, nature and human interaction

Architecture: the balance between space, nature and human interaction

Tafer Hotels & Resorts is committed to pushing the possibilities of design and innovation, always looking forward in search of new technologies and new ways to inspire its guests. The Orange Tree is a focal point for interaction between guests and the space, contrasting the modern, man-made tree with the natural surroundings: where nature meets architecture and design. The concept was to take inspiration from nature, creating new spaces that harmonize visually with the environment. The tree was built on site at the resort by craftsmen who worked several attempts to reach perfection.  


Another significant element to consider is the form. A tree symbolizes strength and stability, the ability to stand the test of time, growing its roots deep and stretching its branches high into the sky, always reaching for excellence. Such are the values of Tafer Hotels & Resorts. And finally, trees have a meditative quality, symbols of harmony and connection with the planet, representing Tafer’s commitment to the environment and protecting nature.

We hope you will take some time on your next visit to Hotel Mousai to contemplate this beautiful icon that symbolizes so many of the qualities the resort has to offer.