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Romantic Hike for Lovers at Hotel Mousai


If you and your partner are nature lovers, then a romantic hike with an expert guide from Hotel Mousai is the perfect way to experience the stunning landscape bursting with beauty and life.

Banderas Bay boasts a diverse geography of jungles filled with lush fauna, oceans teeming with exotic underwater sea life, and mountain ranges cascading as far as the eye can see.  It is the perfect place to walk hand in hand with your love while you fill your day exploring this tropical paradise.

Available Hikes

The landscape around Hotel Mousai provides something for everyone. You have the choice of signing up for a leisurely stroll lasting 1.5-hours or, for more adventurous types, you can opt for a more arduous hike lasting 2.5 hours.  Regardless of which hike you choose, you and your love will be captivated by the grand beauty and majestic landscape of the Puerto Vallarta area.

Romantic Hike Option 1

After meeting your qualified guide in the hotel lobby, you and your partner will be whisked away on a 1.5-hour adventure through the flourishing green jungles. Singing birds, tropical wildflowers and lush green trees will provide the perfect backdrop for you to steal a few smooches with your special love along the way.  

The local guide will also share their expertise on the lay of the land. They will not only identify different birds, flora, and tropical creatures, but also edible fruits and berries you can sample for your indulgence. If you are fortunate, you may also be graced with the presence of majestic lizards and vibrantly colored butterflies that call this jungle their home.

Romantic Hike Option 2 

Beginning with the same route as option one, the second hike continues on for an additional hour trekking deeper into the jungle. You will be breathless…not from the hike…but from the exquisite panoramic views of the glistening waters of the Pacific Ocean. As you cuddle up close to your sweetheart and take it all in, you will likely spot the famous Los Arcos; the well-known granite arches that shoot out from the ocean in Banderas Bay.

From this viewpoint, during the winter months, you and your special someone can spot humpback whales breaching and blowing as they frolic in the Bay looking for their own perfect mate.  

As you approach your destination, you will be greeted and refreshed with the light spray from a gorgeous waterfall. You and your companion will have the opportunity to cool down with a dip in the sparkling waters that cascade down from the cliffs above.  

Steal away to a private nook downriver for a little intimacy with your sweetie. The flowing stream will tickle your skin as you gaze into each other’s eyes.  Chances are, you won’t ever want to leave this tropical paradise.

What to Bring

The free tours led by the resort’s activities staff are an excellent way for you and your partner to enjoy a romantic day out and add to your list of unique experiences in Puerto Vallarta. Remember to wear comfortable clothing, and ensure that you have good sneakers or walking shoes.  Bring along insect repellent, sunscreen, and drinking water, as well as a towel & swimsuit if you’re going to the waterfall and would enjoy a refreshing swim.

We are sure your time spent hiking in the impressive jungles of the Banderas Bay area will be a memorable and magical experience you and your lover will always cherish.