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Perfecting Sleep at Hotel Mousai

If there was ever a muse for sleeping, Hotel Mousai’s. suites would be her chambers. However, one should never underestimate the importance of getting a good night’s sleep while on vacation. Long travel times, nights spent awake in anticipation, and the discomfort that comes with unfamiliar surroundings can wreak havoc on your travel plans, ruining what ought to be an otherwise relaxing trip. While most would consider vacationing a respite from the stresses of everyday life, there are many who spend those valuable nights tossing and turning in hopes of catching some much needed shuteye.

While there is no set cure for overcoming jet lag, there are a few key things you can do to perfect sleep while traveling the world. Use your time in the ultra chic, air­conditioned suites at Hotel Mousai to secure the best sleep possible this vacation. The iPad controlled ambience system, blackout curtains and divine pillow menu available at this all­chic, all­trendy resort create the perfect setting for a peaceful night’s sleep.


Follow these helpful tips to optimize relaxation and perfect sleep while staying at Hotel Mousai:


  • Get your body in the swing of things before you go on vacation by adjusting your bedtime little by little to match that of your destination.
  • Drink sufficient amounts of water before, during and after your flight to avoid dehydration, a leading cause of jet lag.
  • Eat appropriately during travel. Avoid high protein meals late at night so as not to kickstart your body when it’s time to sleep. Likewise, start the morning off right by eating a healthy breakfast that will get your system running with enough energy to make it through the day.
  • Take a day or two to relax once you arrive. At Hotel Mousai there are a plethora of ways to catch up on some much needed R and R. Visit Spa Imagine for the ultimate in relaxing treatments or simply lounge poolside on the rooftop overlooking the amazing view of Banderas Bay.


  • Take advantage of the many resort activities. Experts say that physical activity upon arrival is a great way to help your body adjust to a new time zone.
  • Spend some time in the sun. The bright light helps reset your body’s natural clock, while increasing levels of serotonin make you more rested and happier.
  • Take a good look at the resort’s pillow menu and choose a style that is similar to what you have at home. The familiarity of similar pillows will help you get a better night’s sleep.
  • Don’t hesitate to draw the blackout curtains closed and kick on the air conditioning to a temperature you are comfortable with. A cooler climate will help you maximize sleep and the by blocking out the light, you’ll trick your body into sleeping in a little bit longer.

Don’t hesitate to draw the blackout curtains closed and kick on the air conditioning to a temperature you are comfortable with.