It may be hard to define what perfect weather actually is. For some, cold temperatures and snowy mountains hold the key, while for most of us, bright sunshine, warm days and balmy nights sum up our vision of perfect weather. For those of you contemplating your next vacation in Mexico, you will be pleased to hear that with its claim to over 300 sunny days per year and temperatures averaging around the mid 80s (27ºC), Puerto Vallarta’s weather is near-on perfect!

Temperatures in Puerto Vallarta

Although temperatures generally hover at a tolerable level, it can get a bit hotter in summer with highs around the 90s (33ºC). What most distinguishes the summer months in Puerto Vallarta is the humidity, which is just perfect to give your skin that natural moisturizing effect, and the rainy spells, which keep the jungle a lush verdant green color but rarely interfere with your fun.

Statistics show that summer average temperatures in Puerto Vallarta play around around 88ºF (31ºC)  to 77ºF (25ºC) while winter weather averages temperatures somewhere between 82ºF (28ºC) to 61ºF (16ºC).  This kind of weather is perfect enough for you to party around town or set a bonfire on the beach.


But what about the rain in summer?

Rainy weather need not be an obstacle to you enjoying your tropical vacation in Mexico.  Puerto Vallarta’s rains are short lived during the rainy season from around June until the end of October.
Usually, the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta adopts a clear rhythm so that it is easy to plan your day around the rain. That is, only on very rare occasions will it rain all day; usually it will rain heavily for two or three hours, providing some incredible lightening storms out at sea and over the mountains and then clear up again. Storm watching from your balcony at Hotel Mousai with a glass of champagne might turn out to be one of your favorite memories of Puerto Vallarta!

Perfect Weather in Puerto Vallarta? What’s the verdict?

For those who love the sunshine, love the heat, love balmy evenings and crave to see sunsets over the ocean every night, Puerto Vallarta is home to the best weather in North America.