Mexico - Where is Puerto Vallarta?

Vacations to warm and sunny destinations like Puerto Vallarta mean you can have fun with your packing as most of the things you will pack are lighter. No need for your winter boots or big coat. Nevertheless, packing for stylish combinations is an art unto itself. So here are some great tips for packing light without losing style.

Create a List


Create a list of the items you will absolutely need on your vacation. Start by visualizing your daily routines and the kinds of activities you wish to enjoy in the vacation destination. Use the list to locate all the things you wish to take at least a week before, so you can make sure the items are clean or that you have enough of the product left to last you. When you start physically packing a day or two before you vacation, stick to the list, don’t go back and add items just because you have seen them in the closet.

Choose Outfits that Match the Same Colors

One tip when making your initial list is to choose two color schemes. You will be able to mix and match clothing more easily and this will free up space in your suitcase. Add a few white items that match everything and you are good to go. Choosing a color scheme helps you be more selective about heavier items like footwear so that you are not bringing shoes that only go with one outfit (that you might not wear anyway). For warmer climates only bring one sweater, jacket, or hoodie that matches all or most of your clothes, and wear it on the plane so you have more space in your suitcase.

Can’t Decide, Don’t Pack It

If you can’t make up your mind whether to take an item with you, then don’t pack it. If you aren’t sure you will use the item, then more than likely you won’t. Also, don’t forget that you will be able to purchase many items on your vacation such as creams, lotions, and last minute items. Just bear in mind that some specialist creams and medications may not be available.

Reduce Your Toiletries


Try purchasing trial sized toiletries for your vacation. This will be enough for your vacation, and it will also give you a lot more space in your suitcase. If you run out, then don’t worry, because you can purchase these items on your vacation. You should also limit your makeup too. Many times you won’t be wearing much makeup on the beach. Only pack the essential toiletries that you need.

One Suitcase + Carry On

Try to use only one suitcase for your vacation with the biggest carry on you are allowed for your flight. Make sure both have wheels so you that you don’t lose your cool when arriving to the airport. Remember that style is not just about when you arrive to your destination, but throughout the whole experience. When packing, ignore your carry on case and first make sure that everything fits into one suitcase. Then rearrange the contents adding the things you need on the plane to your carry on luggage. Do not add extra items just because there is space. If you follow this piece of advice, you can be sure that you will have space to bring back souvenirs and other treats from your vacation.

Flat and Tight Pack


Try flat and tight packing for your vacation. You can do this and create a lot of space. When you are packing shoes, then roll up your socks and stick them inside the shoes. This will keep your shoes from getting squashed and add space at the same time. If you lay your clothes flat across the suitcase length, then your clothes won’t get wrinkles, and this will also give you space for your toiletries, which you could leave space for at the edges of your suitcase. Remember to put creams and lotions inside a plastic bag in case they leak.