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One More Health-Packed Week of June Wellness

Cooking class with Rawvana

Yovana Mendoza in Puerto VallartaAs we prepare for the final week of June Wellness, we say goodbye to Yovana Mendoza, of Rawvana fame, who joined us to promote the fun fruity benefits of raw eating and look forward to the arrival of our next wellness experts, Yadi Rodríguez founder of Mujer Alpha Saludable and the Montes sisters from Casa Luna Holistic Center.

This last week at Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca Preserve, we have been enjoying the tips and advice from Instagram star and YouTube celebrity, Yovana Mendoza as part of the June Wellness program dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing in mind, body and spirit. The 25 year-old raw foodie joined us to give a fun cooking class and talk on the benefits of a raw vegan diet, proving that we can change our lives and our outlook by changing what we put into our bodies. The inspiring visit left guests and staff with lots to think about and consider on our journeys towards greater harmony and healthier lifestyles.

We were also joined this past week by founders of Mindfulhabits and  Korima Yoga Studio, who gave specialized yoga classes, as well as  Marisela Rodriguez who led a workshop on emotional intelligence and Anahi Reynaga, who spoke about Raising Consciousness. For those arriving this week, Anahi will be sharing a workshop about energetic healing on Wednesday.

Other highlights coming up this week are a workshop on Sustaining and Recovery, which will see Mindfulhabits speak about sports nutrition, a special breathing meditation from the resident yoga teacher Prócoro Hernández, and a workshop about the Law of Attraction by Deborah Buley.  All of this in preparation for our special guests, Yadi Rodríguez, founder of Mujer Alpha Saludable and Paola and Tanya Montes from Casa Luna Holistic Center. Yadi will be giving a special class about color therapy with solarized water, while the Montes sisters will be leading a yin yang yoga and pilates class.

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Come on! Inspire yourself with a calm mind and a happy heart!

Rawvana in Puerto Vallarta