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Exclusive Butler Service at Hotel Mousai

Exclusive Butler Service

On top of impeccable attention to detail, chic modern amenities, trendsetting design and 5 Diamond kudos, Hotel Mousai takes personalized service a step further with its exclusive butler service for guests reserved in Ultra Mousai Suites or the hotel’s exclusive penthouse. A simple way to ensure your every need and desire is met with a unique personal touch, this select service provides even the most discerning of guests with an exceptional standard of hospitality and the utmost in luxury.

Butlers at your Service
During the middle of the nineteenth century, when the employment of a Butler first became popular among the upper class, they were typically the chief male servant of the house. These individuals, usually men, saw to it that every detail regarding household matters was attended to with precision and extreme attention to detail. Not only would they manage domestic affairs, but butlers were also entrusted with the most important areas of the home, the wine cellar, pantry and silver cabinets, three areas that were of extreme importance to the financial status of the family.

While the popularity of a butler seemed to diminish during the twentieth century, recent years have seen a surge in the traditional role of a butler in the household with millions taking to the profession as a respected way of life. Many first-class establishments around the world have even begun to offer butler services for guests at their resorts and private villas.

Exceptional Service Exceptional Vacations

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Vacations
At Hotel Mousai, a five-diamond award winning adult only resort located on the Garza Blanca Preserve, guests can expect nothing less than perfection. The stunning property, surrounding by 360 degrees of natural beauty, offers guests staying in one of the Ultra Mousai Suites or the hotel’s penthouse the luxury of an exclusive butler service, among other VIP privileges.

Hotel Mousai

Adding to the overall magic of your Hotel Mousai experience, your personal butler will attend to your every need while helping you to make your vacation as stress free as possible. This exclusive service, which can also be acquired for an additional cost by guests staying at other suites on the property, ensures you won’t have to lift a finger during your entire vacation.

The exclusive butler service gives guests one more reason to choose Hotel Mousai for their chic vacation getaway. From unpacking and packing to making your restaurant reservations, these individuals take care of it all. Have your personal butler draw you a bath in your lavish spa inspired bathroom, shine your shoes for a night out on the town, see to special laundry requests, take orders for room service and even ensure that your room is in perfect condition.

At Hotel Mousai, your personal Butler will tend to every detail, making sure you don’t have to.