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Designer options for your vacation wardrobe in Puerto Vallarta

Designer options for your vacations wardrobe in Puerto Vallarta

Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta is excited to announce the inclusion of fashion designer, Kim Martin’s beachwear range in the store located on the Garza Blanca Preserve. The Shop Boutique is located next to the lobby at sister resort, Garza Blanca, which is easy to get to by walking or by taking the trolleybus from Hotel Mousai’s lobby. Here you can purchase all kinds of vacation items that include sunglasses, sunscreen, souvenirs, jewelry, and other essential items for your stay.

The Myskova Collection at the Shop Boutique

The Myskova collection is a beach-inspired clothing line by designer Kim Martin who is the Canadian-born owner of Myskova Beach Boutiques in Puerto Vallarta. Besides her collection at the Shop Boutique, you can also find a larger Myskova store located on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta. The Myskova brand is popular in Mexico amongst both locals and visiting tourists, making an elegant choice for Puerto Vallarta. The clothing collection includes stylish beachwear and casual clothing for women that is both comfortable and classy.

Kim Martin Designer

Kim Martin comes from a family of tailors, seamstresses, and designers. She was raised in Canada, then moved to Mexico to start a modelling career and to live in a warmer climate. Kim started modelling swimwear and did this for several years. She found out quickly how uncomfortable swimwear and beachwear clothing could be, and so decided to designer her own line of clothing for women. She aimed to do what other designers seemed to be unable to do in the past, which was to provide swim- and beach-wear that you can swim in and wear without being uncomfortable or compromising on elegance and style. Kim wanted her brand the Myskova Collection to look great, feel great, and provide a stylish look for women.

Hecho en Mexico

Hecho en México - Puerto Vallarta

The clothing designed by Kim Martin are for women of all sizes. Women who are short, tall, big, and small will have no problem fitting into the varying designs of the Myskova collection, and all clothing is exclusively made in Mexico by her passionate and talented team. She has avoided any of her clothing being made in large batches, so every piece is uniquely made, making her designs a specialty brand and one of a kind.

Inspiring Designs

Kim Martin has been designing and creating swimwear and casual beachwear for over fifteen years. She gets many of her ideals and inspirations from her customers and her own travels to different places throughout the world, where she picks out fabrics and prints that will look good on all women’s body shapes. She makes sure that she always selects materials that are soft and gentle on the skin. You may have seen some of her clothing in magazines as they have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Marie Claire.

The next time you are on vacation at Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, then make sure you stop by the boutique that is next to the Garza Blanca lobby and pick up your very own designer clothing by Kim Martin. You may be surprised by the high quality fashion choices you will find when you visit the boutique.