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Benefits of Staying at an Adults-Only Resort

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Are you looking for an all-inclusive resort that takes going on vacation to a whole new level? If you want to explore the great calm and fun of staying at an adults-only resort, keep reading and start packing for a one-of-a-kind trip to Puerto Vallarta!

Amidst today’s busy rhythm, taking a holiday is always a great activity to look forward to, and staying at an adults-only resort can truly take the edge off.

Why go to an Adults-Only Resort?

Getting away from all the comings and goings of life is needed every once in a while. An adults-only hotel is an exceptional experience. It’s a perfect option if you want some serious R & R or quality romantic time with your boo. You can also explore the beauty of a hotel set in one of the most magical places in Mexico without worrying about noise and disruption from kids, whether yours or someone else’s.

Couple staying at an adults-only resort
Couple at Hotel Mousai’s North Tower Rooftoo

While staying at an adults-only resort, you won’t have to sweat it over kids taking turns to cannonball into a perfectly undisturbed pool. Also, you won’t be getting your face (or favorite new mezcal) splashed while reading your favorite book in a comfy sun lounger.

What Does “Adults-Only Hotel” Mean?

Ok, we get it; anything labeled adult-only may sound too intrepid, but fear not! This is not some weird concept; it basically means that there are no kids allowed. And you know that no kids allowed means one thing: serenity.

Woman staying at an adults-only resort
Woman swimming at Hotel Mousai’s North Tower Rooftop infinity pool

And don’t get us wrong, we love kids! But there are times when having the freedom to admire the sunset from a gorgeous rooftop infinity pool without bothering to make lunch for five is just what you need.

Woman admiring the horizon
Woman admiring the horizon from the infinity pool at Hotel Mousai’s North Tower

At an exclusive adults-only resort, you will have the liberty to come and go at your leisure! With the knowledge that you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on kids running and jumping everywhere, this is quite refreshing. This also gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself and your vacay at your own pace since you won’t be pulled into the kids’ hectic schedules.

Vacations for Adults in Puerto Vallarta

Stylish suites with private balconies and jacuzzis, chic contemporary design, and beautiful views of Puerto Vallarta and its lush jungle and azure ocean… sounds like a dream, right? Discover what the exceptional and tropical Banderas Bay has for you.

Luxury Suites in Puerto Vallarta
Penthouse at Hotel Mousai’s South Tower.

Although Mexico is well known for being a family-friendly vacation destination, you can also find adult-only resorts to stay at. You’ll have an absolutely blissful time!

Once named the friendliest city in the world, Puerto Vallarta is the right spot if you are looking forward to staying at an adults-only resort.

What Do Couples do at Adults-Only Resorts?

There’s no set guideline for what you can do at adults-only all-inclusive resorts. Everything you can do at an inclusive resort goes, with more ease and less noise.

You can swim all day long in gorgeous pools, rest beach-side in breezy lounge chairs, play tennis with fellow guests, or enjoy a margarita (or two) while relaxing in your private jacuzzi.

Friends staying at an adults-only resort
Friends resting at Hotel Mousai’s North Tower Rooftop

Whether you are thinking about a romantic getaway or want to go tequila tasting, all your vacation dreams will come true.

Best Adults-Only Resort in Puerto Vallarta

Ideal for a couple’s getaway, Hotel Mousai is the only property in Puerto Vallarta with splendid panorama views, ocean-view hotel suites, grand outdoor play and fitness areas, and a deluxe world-class spa to indulge in true relaxation and balance.

Lobby of Hotel Mousai's South Tower
Hotel Mousai’s South Tower lobby

With its flawless location in the very heart of the Mexican jungle, complimentary resort activities, and exquisite restaurants, Hotel Mousai is one of the most luxurious resorts in Mexico.

This resort offers an all-inclusive gourmet plan for you to treat yourself like royalty. Revel in a remarkable culinary experience like no other with a heavenly drinks list, 24-hour room service, and seductive signature dishes by world-renowned chefs.

Dishes at NOI.
Dishes at NOI, an Italian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

You can surprise your palate by dining at a new place every evening with Hotel Mousai’s more than five on-site restaurants. Along with these, there are a few others that you can enjoy located at its sister resort, Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa, giving you plenty to choose from.

The best infinity pool in Puerto Vallarta
One of Garza Blanca’s pools

Book a day for a glorious spa treatment at the absolutely stunning Spa Imagine. You’ll be in for an excellent time! You can find it all here: from a relaxing massage and a renewing facial to a phenomenal experience at its hydrotherapy circuit followed by a soothing wrap. Focus on balancing your body, mind, and spirit. This spa will take your stay to the next level.

Spa Imagine in Puerto Vallarta
Spa imagine at Hotel Mousai’s North Tower

Now that you’ve read about the wonders and possibilities of staying at an adults-only resort, make your reservation! You’ll discover the easy-going world of Hotel Mousai and its impeccable amenities and services. After a holiday like this one, you won’t be having an easy time leaving the resort!


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