Looking forward to dinner at one of the best Italian restaurants in Puerto Vallarta? Search no more! We have made a list of the restaurants that will have you whispering Mamma mia! with every single bite.

Italian cuisine is internationally recognized. With the use of fresh ingredients, it’s heart-warming and has a wholesome nature. From the traditional Insalata Caprese to the scrumptious Risotto, there is a dish for everyone, everywhere! Few places worldwide don’t have Italian restaurants worthy of the most sophisticated palates, and Puerto Vallarta is no exception.

Italian Pizza

One of the finest attractions of Puerto Vallarta is its status as a gourmet city. You can find tons of fine-dining spots, particularly along the Malecón, in Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone or Zona Romántica. If you love pizza and pasta, read on to discover the best Italian restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

Contemporary Dining and Modern Art: NOI

Hotel Mousai is home to Chef Francesco Cavicchi’s dreamy Italian restaurant: NOI. One of the best Italian restaurants you could imagine, art and food go hand in hand here, just like Pesto and Parmigiano Reggiano.

Chef Francesco Cavicchi

Every dish is an opportunity to acquaint yourself with Chef Cavicchi’s unique culinary point of view. With more than 16 years of experience at a wide variety of award-winning kitchens worldwide under his belt, he has a distinct take on Mediterranean flavors.

You can’t miss out on their wide variety of Antipasti, like the astonishing Tartaro Di Salmone Ora King. Visit Umbria with the stunning Lasagna ai Funghi di Bosco e Profumo di Tartufo Nero, or have a taste of the beautiful Naples with a traditional pizza like Regina Margherita.

best Italian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

Don’t forget to leave some space for a sweet treat! End a great night indulging your senses with a Tradizionale Tiramisú, one of the most famous sweet Italian dishes. By the way, did you know that the name of this Venetian dessert literally means pick me up? We assure you it will not only pick you up, but will also raise your spirits and elevate your whole dining experience.

Italian dish at NOI

Open for dinner from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm, dress smart casual to attend a one-of-a-kind Italian restaurant. Remember to book a table with anticipation and avoid missing out on the best restaurant in Puerto Vallarta!

Florence at your Table: Florios

Florios is a Florentine-inspired eatery that offers an extensive menu of wood-fired pizzas and mouth-watering cocktails. Located at the heart of the city, this restaurant has settled at an antique house that used to be inhabited by Puerto Vallarta’s first Mayor, José de Jesús Langarica Salcedo.

The exceptional architecture and lighting at Florios, one of the best Italian restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, provide a mellow ambiance where you can relax and enjoy a plate of freshly-made pasta paired with a slice of their well-known sourdough bread.

Strongly influenced by Argentinian gastronomical culture, Florios’ kitchen rushes out a constant flow of delicious Empanadas, as well as prime meat cuts like Vacío (Flank) and Bife de Chorizo (Sirloin) cooked to the taste of your liking over a chair-broil grill.

Flawlessly adorned signature drinks are also available; just don’t forget to book a table in advance and check out this notable and cute restaurant.

Angelic Notes to Hear and Taste: La Cappella

Another great option if you are looking to indulge in one of the best Italian restaurants in the city is La Cappella, a heavenly, open-air restaurant with a view of both the gorgeous city of Puerto Vallarta and the breathtaking Banderas Bay. Enjoy a unique dining experience and a terrific variety of wines.

Make a reservation at La Cappella and dine while rejoicing in the immaculate arco of a violin over the superb sunset at Banderas Bay; we guarantee you’ll spend a romantic evening you won’t forget anytime soon.

Remember to try the house specialty cocktails: a beguiling medley of locally-sourced fruits, herbs, and spices that make for a phenomenal selection to pair with any of their contemporary Italian dishes.

Karaoke and Pasta: Cafe Roma

If you are looking for a livelier and fun experience, you can’t go wrong with Cafe Roma. This vibrant restaurant offers a slightly more modern and carefree take on the Italian experience without sacrificing any of the flavor and richness of Italian cuisine. Customize your pasta by mixing and matching from their menu or try their Seafood Penne Pasta Special.

Visit Cafe Roma, one of the best Italian restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

By night, enjoy a louder atmosphere and partake in their Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Karaoke from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm along with a succulent shrimp pizza and a couple of cold Coronas. There’s no doubt you will have a blast at Cafe Roma!

 stand-up comedy night in Vallarta

A few blocks away from the shoreline, you can also enjoy their live music on special evenings; and even a stand-up comedy night! Kick back with a Margarita and have a good time filled with laughter, tasty Italian dishes, and fun.

Wood-Fired Pizza: La Dolce Vita

With a privileged view of the bay and the Malecón, La Dolce Vita resides on two floors with an outdoor garden. Traditionally Italian, their menu isn’t far from absolute bliss; from fresh pasta to perfectly cooked white and red meats to wood-fired pizza and effortlessly airy Focaccia (a type of bread that comes from Genoa, the capital of the Italian region of Liguria).

There’s no way you can go wrong with any of their dishes. Ask the staff to help you pick a wine from their extensive cellar to pair with your meal and, presto! You’ll be in for a fine dining experience like no other.

Call in advance, with at least six hours of anticipation, to make sure you don’t miss the chance to watch the sunset over the Pacific at La Dolce Vita Malecón or at La Dolce Vita Zona Romántica.

As Italian as it Gets: Toscana Mia

Last, but not least: straight from Tuscany, Toscana Mia is a classic Trattoria. Passed down for generations, both the administration and the recipes have stayed within the Napolitano family. It’s thanks to this tradition that both the legacy and the hearty essence of this restaurant remain unaltered.

One of the best Italian restaurants in the city, food is not taken lightly at Toscana Mia. Proper care is taken to serve fresh pasta, pizza, and bread, every single day. Made from scratch with the most authentic ingredients, you are in for more than one delicious treat at Toscana Mia.

Fresh Pasta

In a place where al dente doesn’t just apply to the firmness of the pasta presented, not a single detail is overlooked to make your experience at the Trattoria, unvaryingly flawless every single time. Call ahead of time to book a table, don’t skip on their exquisite Grappa!

Mangia Bene, Ama Molto: Eat Well, Love Much

Friends eating Italian dishes

Now that you have a list of the best Italian restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, go ahead and try them all! We guarantee you’ll enjoy more than one great meal, and you’ll have more than a great time. If you have a sweet tooth, leave some space for the great Italian desserts, if you can! Enjoy your dinner, and remember that all true Italian dishes are meant to be food for your body, and your soul. Ciao and Buon Appetito!