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Get ready, it’s time for the most exciting event of the year for all foodies and food lovers! We are just a day away from Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurant Week 2021. This year, the festival celebrates its 17th anniversary, and promises to be better than ever, especially after a challenging year. During Restaurant Week, Puerto Vallarta becomes a city full of people ready to be amazed by some of the best dishes prepared in the best rated restaurants in the bay, that’s what makes it one of the most acclaimed culinary festivals nationally and internationally.

What is Restaurant Week?

It is a celebration of the bay’s local cuisine experiences, bringing together some of the top restaurants in the area for nearly a month of culinary innovation and meal sharing. All through the duration of the festival, many of the best rated and most recognized restaurants on the coast of Banderas Bay, set up innovative three course menus with three options each and with a fixed affordable price with some of the restaurants offering discounts that go up to 50%. This is your chance to try some of the best food by some of the most renowned chefs and restauranteurs in the area! Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurant Week 2021 is also a big help for the participating restaurants, since most of them use this time as an opportunity to launch new menu items and work around them according to how popular with the customers they are.

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This year, we’ll celebrate the 17th edition of Restaurant Week. Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week was born in 2005 after a boom in culinary events organized in cities such as New York and London where, for a couple of weeks, local restaurants gathered and created a fix priced menu each, attracting people from all over the world not only to their restaurants, but to the cities. Puerto Vallarta was seen as a perfect location for a culinary festival, but the city has so much to offer that just a week or two wasn’t going to be enough so, in 2005, with the participation of the most recognized local restaurants, and organized by Vallarta Lifestyles Media Group, Puerto Vallarta saw the birth of a yearly tradition of the almost-4-week long Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week.

When and Where can I Enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurant Week?

This year, Restaurant Week will begin on the most Mexican day of the year, the day where everyone in the country forgets their differences and unites to celebrate the pride of being Mexican. It starts on day the famous Cry of Dolores (El Grito de Dolores) was made by Miguel Hidalgo that kicked off the War for Mexican Independence. … what a way to start Restaurant Week 2021!

The festival will run from September 15th to October 10th 2021, welcoming locals and visitors from all over the world. The event will take place at all participating restaurants located all through the city of Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit.

How Does Restaurant Week 2021 Work?

Each restaurant creates a menu specifically made for the event in which you will have three choices of a three-course meal, the fixed price, depending on the restaurant, is $289, $399, or $466 MXN pesos per meal, all of them include an appetizer, main course, and a dessert. When you’re done, just wait until you’re ready for your next meal, pick another restaurant, and repeat! Three courses, same reduced price, but a completely different meal.

Who is Participating?

This edition of Restaurant Week will feature almost every local top-rated restaurant, you will have the opportunity to taste the dishes from world famous restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, such as Café des Artistes, Hacienda San Ángel Gourmet, Kaiser Maximilian, La Leche, Le Kliff, and the Iguana Restaurant. In Nayarit, Tuna Blanca, Sabal Playa, and Sandrina’s Mediterranean / Greek Cuisine are participating, among others! To check out the complete list of participating restaurants and their unique Restaurant Week menus go to:, or visit their Facebook page where they will keep you updated on important information.


If you are having a hard time figuring out where to go or which restaurants have the most convenient location to your hotel, your concierge will have a complete guide of Restaurant Week 2021 and will be happy to help you, also, you will find a special festival banner outside every participating restaurant.

You will be amazed with the diversity of the cuisine in Puerto Vallarta. Will you be craving Italian, French, Japanese, or Mexican? Restaurant Week gives you the opportunity to try a different cuisine each day. You will try high end food from all over the world during Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week 2021.

With the big support of local organizations and sponsors like Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit Conventions and Visitors Bureau, Restaurant Week 2021 is promoted through a wide variety of media both nationally and internationally, making it one of the most popular Restaurant Weeks, attracting many people to Puerto Vallarta every year, which is an incredible way to support tourism, especially in these difficult times, where events such as Restaurant Week help local industries recover from being hard-hit during the pandemic.

If you’re planning on visiting Puerto Vallarta during Restaurant Week, make sure to bring a big appetite!