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Hiroshi – the Ultimate Japanese Fusion

hiroshi-restaurant-Japanese Fusion

Irasshaimase! Hiroshi restaurant welcomes Hotel Mousai guests to the ultimate Japanese fusion where you will dine with sophistication and sip with glamour.

Imagination, Quality and Style

From the moment you enter Hiroshi from Mousai’s Lobby, passing life-sized chess pieces and a bar made from thick solid blocks of mountain granite, the sleek elegance of Japanese culture blended with the warm hospitality of Mexico becomes sublimely evident. Hiroshi’s host or hostess will greet you in Japanese and lead you to your table where delectable temptations are sure to follow. Take time to listen to your tastebuds as you peruse the menu while absorbing the ocean views and sleek contemporary interiors.

Experiences Made for Sharing

With so much choice and mouthwatering options, you’ll be glad that Japanese cuisine is ideal for sharing, making ordering so much easier. Hiroshi’s menu flamboyantly blends fresh ingredients, intriguing textures and the exotic flavors found in Asian cuisine with avant garde techniques and Mexican panache. In honor of the sophisticated culinary arts inspired by trendsetter, Master-chef Hiroshi, Hotel Mousai’s signature restaurant is set to break the mold of hotel dining.

Experiences Made for Sharing

Tempting Recommendations

There really is so much to choose from on the menu, from your favorite sushi rolls, to ultra fresh sashimi (including otoro and kobe) to nigiri, to robata to edamame and crunchy rice. You should also try the signature dishes such as the Hiroshi rolls, black cod or tofu steak. While visiting Puerto Vallarta, is also seems right that you should sample the Mexican rolls served at Hiroshi, which combine the flavors of Mexico with the traditions of Japan in a dish that won’t fail to delight.

Sake Sipping

A Japanese meal is just not complete without a tipple of sake. Sake is a traditional alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin made from fermented rice, water and koji, which is a culture that forms from rice or soybeans. It is usually served warm, although many claim that premium sake should be served chilled. While there are more than 23,000 different sakes in Japan, only a few make it for export, so don’t forget to ask your Hiroshi waiter to recommend a sake to accompany your meal. As custom dictates, remember to hold up your cup with both hands, which is traditionally a way of honouring the sake and the server, and making sure that your companion’s cup is never dry.

Be sure to make your reservation at Hiroshi restaurant as soon as your arrive to Hotel Mousai to sample the best Japanese fusion this side of the Pacific Ocean.