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Blanca Blue Restaurant is a gourmet restaurant situated within the Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where it has been tempting diners with its fresh take on Mexican cuisine for several years. Guests of both Hotel Mousai, our adults-only mountainside resort, and Garza Blanca Resort, its family-friendly sister beachside resort, have the option to dine at Blanca Blue with all-inclusive plans available. Guests also have the option to pay for meals separately with the room only package.

Mexico is a country of contrasts. Snow-capped Sierras, coconut palm-covered coastal hills, breathtaking beaches, and Mayan ruins are just a few of the interesting features of the unexpected landscapes. Mexican cuisine, like no other on the planet, is also contrasting. With rich and diverse offerings ranging from hearty beef and chicken dishes, to grilled fish and seafood specialties – all recipes showcase elegant, subtle combinations from their remarkable culinary regions.

Seducing Your Senses

Blanca Blue Restaurant has the art of dining down to two main objectives: to nourish and satisfy the palate with meticulously prepared specialties, and to provide a comfortable atmosphere in a memorable setting that will seduce all of your senses.

blanca blue restaurant menu

Up until the last century it was custom in Mexico to eat four or five meals a day. You may be tempted to visit Blanca Blue this often and can indulge to your heart´s content with the Gourmet All-Inclusive Plan. Blanca Blue is open for breakfast daily from 7:00 am until 12:00 pm, and dinner from 6:00 pm until 11:00 pm.

The oceanfront venue provides breathtaking views of the Los Arcos beauty spot and Puerto Vallarta’s domino skyline, while the dining room itself has a marvelous atmosphere, often described as a magic corner, or a place of fascination.

Elegant Atmosphere 

blanca blue restaurant at hotel mousai

The dining room at Blanca Blue is an elegant atmosphere to enjoy avant-garde Mexican cuisine. With wooden tables punctuated by emerald sea colored chairs that match the color of the ocean, and large picture windows that maximize your view of the breathtaking surroundings, it is the perfect setting to enjoy upscale dining experiences. Seating is also available on the outdoor terrace where you can enjoy an al fresco breakfast or dinner and enjoy the picturesque views and refreshing ocean breezes. After sunset, the terrace is enveloped by antorchas (flame torches) giving the most romantic touch.

There is a stylish lounge, a 230 label, award-winning wine cellar, plus a collection of 110 Tequilas at the bar, for that luxe libation, and a potent start to your evening.

Traditional Mexican Food With A Twist

Classic and well-loved dishes as well as new creations and adaptations are the focus at Blanca Blue. The chefs excel in experimenting with new approaches to Mexican fare, with light, fresh, and eclectic variations.

The kitchen is the very nerve center, a vast melting-pot of ideals. Taking Mexican flavors back to their ancient basics, the clay pots, stone and wood mortars, and copper pans are always ready to dance out their secret crafts.

traditional mexican food

The recipes are complemented by historical cooking customs and practices, with every dish during preparation being regarded as a ritual activity carried out with painstaking care; speaking much of the spirit of Mexico.

And thanks to skillful seasoning, local produce that is in season, wild herbs, quality cuts of meat, and fresh fish caught daily, many of Mexico’s most refined and exotic dishes are always available.

Taking into account contemporary factors which have had an influence on traditional Mexican food’s evolution, the breakfast and dinner menus have been carefully crafted, to not only delight, but also to combine tradition with modern twists resulting in fabulous new flavor sensations.

Breakfast Is Served

breakfast at blanca blue restaurant
  • The Classics. Fruit platters, Pancakes, French Toast, or a Smoked Salmon Bagel served with cream cheese, fennel, egg, organic lettuce, tomatoes and capers is a popular choice. The House Granola is delicately flavored with local guava, berries, and bananas, while the Oats Breakfast is served sprinkled with caraway seeds and linseed. All milk options are available including soy and almond, and delicious, locally baked pastries and artisan breads come accompanied by homemade jams.
  • Egg Specialties. Egg-based dishes are so integral to Mexican cooking it goes without saying they should have their own section on the menu. Eggs poached in green sauce, served with steak in a quesadilla, or served in red sauce with potatoes, and roasted baby scallions, are must-tries. Specialties of the house include The Aztec Crepe with squash blossom and goats cheese, The Tafer Croissant, served with egg frittata, salmon, sour cream and chives, and even Eggs Poached in Crabmeat, served with a poblano sauce. Remember in Mexico just mention ‘Huevos al Gusto’. This means ‘eggs to your pleasure’, or ‘eggs to your style’. You simply cannot go wrong!
  • Traditional Mexican. Whether it’s chilaquiles, chicken enchiladas, or even the Enfrijoladas served with mushrooms, mulato pepper, ranchero cheese and avocado, the traditional breakfast food is excellent. Taking you on a morning journey as regional as road maps go, your quest to find the perfect breakfast is over.

Dinner at Blanca Blue

The dinner menu at Blanca Blue Restaurant is where modern dishes, inspired by historic Mexican gastronomy come alive.

Renowned recipes such as Scallops Tiradito served as an appetizer with mango, mixed spice and avocado mousse are perfect for those with a penchant for light dishes that pack a lot of flavor. As is the Beet Salad, which comes drizzled with sweet potato purée and passion fruit honey.

dinner at blanca blue restaurant in puerto vallarta

The distinct marine environment available at Puerto Vallarta’s shoreline yields a wide variety of fish; marlin, black sea bass, and other valiant billfish are caught daily offshore, and are abundant.

Therefore, fish is always creatively considered and presented. For example, the tuna ceviche is out of this world. Instead of a simple brief marinating in lime juice, it is presented with squash seed purée, avocado, cucumber serrano pepper, and hibiscus powder.

Signature Soups, Market Food, Grandmother’s Traditions, and The Specialties, are the four main sections of the dinner menu. Tempered and elevated to provide complex cuisine, unrivaled in variety and invention, the dinner menu offers all of the following:

  • Beef Ceviche
  • Shrimp Timbale
  • Seafood Bisque
  • Roasted Cream of Corn Soup
  • Huauzontle Tarts
  • Plantain Turnovers
  • Tacos Al Pastor
  • Ajillo Shrimps
  • Pork and Tomatillo Stew
  • Fried Octopus
  • Duck Cracking and Mole
  • Grilled Skirt Steak

With dessert, the gastronomy is a cultural blend from different parts of the world. Orange cream, Rice Pudding with Puff Pastry, Mexican Sponge Cake, Chocolate Tamal, Guava Tart, and Flan are all Mexican specialties. With the diversity of ingredients that are used, some ‘postres’ are fused with French, Spanish, Asian, and Arabic influences.

With true generosity and dedication to diners’ happiness and service, whatever you order, the warmth of the season is ever present and one’s taste buds are always dazzled from the specialties that are lovingly prepared by the chefs.

Hotel Mousai´s Most Intoxicating Speciality

The restaurant’s reputation for serving a sophisticated metamorphosis of traditional and regional dishes, with fun updates that have flair, makes a visit to Blanca Blue Restaurant an experience of a lifetime.

Yet after a satisfying meal there is still the walk back to Hotel Mousai to look forward to.

Hotel Mousai’s most intoxicating speciality is its dense, balmy, tropical air, so after your meal outing at breakfast or dinner, why not take a stroll on the beach and watch the twinkling stars.

Or perhaps a siesta, some hammock time, or a visit to the resort spa should be the next thing on your vacation menu. And why not? You’re in Mexico.