Zipline adventure tours in Puerto Vallarta are a perfect way to experience the thrill of soaring over tall jungle canopies, viewing native wildlife from up high and flying over rivers and ravines all with the wind rushing through your hair. Many believe that this sort of experience should be reserved for the movies, but many others see this type of adventure as a platform to share with their love ones and friends. Canopy rides in the jungle, soaring through the treetop canopies provide a perfect cocktail of romance, fun and danger.  

Canopy Tours in Puerto Vallarta for the Adrenaline Junkie

Puerto Vallarta with its incredible sandy beaches is also a destination with an impressive history and varied culture. With its backdrop of dense and mysterious jungle-covered mountains teeming with wildlife, it is an ideal location for zipline canopy tours.

Puerto Vallarta has many different adventure tours to offer in the protected forest just outside the city limits. In the north you will find one of the longest and fastest zip lines in Mexico with one being 1,200 metres long with speeds reaching some 100 kilometers per hour. To the south there are numerous others that offer a high variety of fun and adventure. Within Puerto Vallarta, each of the canopy tours can give you a unique experience. Ask at the tour agency at the hotel for more guidance on the best canopy tours.

Strong and long-lasting relationships between couples, family members and friends result from being brought closer together following travel and adventure experiences. Canopy zip wire experiences may get you screaming from thrill or fear but one thing you will get out of your sky high adventure filled with beauty and euphoria is that closeness will be increased from sharing your adventure together. By taking part in a canopy tour in Mexico you will not only get your blood flowing, but it will also create memories that will last a lifetime.