It really should come as no surprise that a destination as awesome as Puerto Vallarta is filled with incredible opportunities to experience new things. There’s plenty to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta: the natural beauty that surrounds you, the luxurious resorts, the fantastic restaurants and the great weather. What really sets Puerto Vallarta apart from other tourist towns in the area, however, is the night life.

This once quaint and sleepy town of Puerto Vallarta is now a powerhouse of the party scene which has an array of nightly adventures for you to enjoy. Whatever your interests you will find something for you in Puerto Vallarta: club hopping, night tours and wonderful beaches have ensured that Puerto Vallarta is a 24/7 playground for adults. Tourists looking to chill during the day and live it up at night are really in for a treat while staying in Puerto Vallarta.

Have a look at what’s on offer to enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife:

The Malecon Nightlife

Why not hit the Malecon as the sun goes down? You can choose between the Zoo, La Vaquita, Mandala and others for a high-octane night out. As you stroll along this mile-long promenade in the centre of town you will hear music coming from all sides; all you have to do is follow the beat that moves you. Whether you want to salsa the night away at La Bodeguita del Medio, sip Mezcal at Bar Morelos or experience spring break in Puerto Vallarta style at Senor Frogs, the best thing about the Malecon is the close proximity in which everything sits.


There are, of course, other hotspots scattered throughout the city which rival the vibrancy and fun of the clubs on the Malecon. Places like Strana and La Santa are more popular among the younger generations with their hi-tech sound equipment and incredible ambience. El Solar is a small bar located near the centre of town, on the beach, and is open until 3am. This is a more laid-back alternative for those who want a great time without the worry  of formality or high priced drinks. Rock music junkies, can also find solace at the Roxy, which has live rock music every night of the week and is open until the early hours of the morning on the weekends.

High-octane Gay Clubs

Puerto Vallarta’s gay scene adds a warm and colorful vibe to the nightlife. The aptly named romantic zone is also home to a number of late-late night clubs and cabaret bars, including CCs, Paco’s Ranch and other places to dance the night away.  

Hottest Gay bars in Puerto Vallarta

A quiet nightcap

The traveler looking who wants a simple nightcap or a relaxed evening, however, will most likely find that the Malecon is the most promising option. Visitors can start at the very beginning of the strip and wander all the way through the streets of Old Town, enjoying ice-cream shops, cafes and the products of street vendors on the way. This is an excellent location for people watching and a safe evening stroll where one can find reprieve from the sun as well as a charming and authentic culture.

Something a bit different

If what you really want is something a bit different then Puerto Vallarta has a whole range of exciting things to do that will make your days and nights truly extraordinary. Why not visit the Act II Entertainment/Stages Theater in Old Town? You could also jump on one of the night tours to put a twist on your party! The Rhythms of the Night and Marigalante Pirate Ship tours are excellent examples of the night time excursions found in Puerto Vallarta.


This is a town that never goes to sleep, and the options are truly endless.