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Unbeatable Sunsets in Puerto Vallarta

Among the top things to put on your bucket list is to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean while you are on a getaway in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. While a beautiful sunset is pretty much guaranteed any time of the year, there are some things you can do to make this encounter even more memorable. Take a look below:

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

There is nothing more romantic than watching the sun set while riding on a horse on one of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta or while winding through the mountains. This special way of experiencing the Puerto Vallarta sunset will provide many an Instagram and Facebook moment.

Feed All the Senses at Once

Puerto Vallarta is well-known for boasting a number of upscale restaurants, including those found on site at Hotel Mousai. Why not enjoy a meal as you watch the sunset on the waterfront, dining as the final rays of the sun dip into the sea?  

Watching with sand in your toes

It’s no surprise that one of the best locations to view the sunset is on one of Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful beaches. The bay is filled with infinite beauty, and the beaches add an elegant touch to the exotic coastline. With all this natural beauty surrounding Puerto Vallarta, you are bound to find a beach that will be the perfect spot to watch the sun set. So it doesn’t matter if you’re on the beach to lounge or just to watch the view, you are bound to be spellbound by the moment of watching the sun set over the horizon. The beach at Hotel Mousai, should be your first port of call, of course!

Walk the Malecon

Even though taking a stroll on the Malecon (Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful boardwalk) is a popular activity to do while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, there is nothing more exciting than taking this walk during the evening time when the sun is about to set. Regardless if you are just enjoying the street entertainment, eating ice cream, checking out the shops along the way or people watching while strolling the Malecon, you can bet this walk will be one you’ll never forget if you are experiencing the sunset at the same time. What a way to embrace the culture of this exotic town!

Sunset Cruise

Puerto Vallarta has a host of boat adventures that also makes this location the ideal spot for watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. You can experience all the excitement of the intriguing colors and sounds while sailing away on a private yacht, sailboat or group boat tour. Either way you choose to set sail on the sea, you are sure to love the view you get from seeing the sun set while in the ocean. It’s a view of the sunset like no other view in this world.