While the winter months are the most popular season for tourists to visit Mexico, summer in Puerto Vallarta is also a great experience. Winter is the high season when the weather is most stable and the temperatures are at their most comfortable, yet, few people give summer the love it deserves. Summertime in Puerto Vallarta is a magical season, and though the average snowbird may pass it over for a chance to escape the winter cold in their own hometown, we recommend you consider it. The pace of living slows down even more in summer, and it’s quieter than the winter months.

Here are some reasons to consider joining us this summer in Puerto Vallarta:

Warm Water Playtime

There’s no better time to swim, snorkel, dive, or paddle board in the Pacific than during  summer in Puerto Vallarta; the ocean temperatures are balmy, and the waters of Banderas Bay are generally safe for swimming.

Verdant Scenery

The summer heat and rains are perfect for the lush, tropical landscape which surrounds Puerto Vallarta and makes up the bulk of the Garza Blanca Preserve where Hotel Mousai is located. In the summer in Puerto Vallarta the vegetation really comes into its own, covering the area with its scent and beauty. Hiking by the rivers and waterfalls at this time of year is a real treat.

Nature’s Botox – Balmy Weather

playa caballo

If you suffer from dry skin the moisture laden air in Puerto Vallarta will really make your skin glow, plumping it up and making it feel great. When you come home you’ll be glowing!

Amazing Lightning Storms

With the summer rains, which usually happen at night, your sunbathing schedule will rarely be disrupted, but at night you will have the chance of seeing something truly stunning. The electrical storms which take place out over the Banderas Bay make for wonderful viewing! The artistic amongst you may even be able to capture the moment to show others upon return with a stunning photograph.

Join us this summer in Puerto Vallarta for a show-stopping vacation.