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So, you’ve finally decided to take that dream vacation, you sit down in front of the computer to fiddle with the numbers: the airfare, hotel accommodations, the cost of food, entertainment, drinks, all while trying to please everyone in your group, and most importantly stay on budget. Of course, the ever-changing travel world doesn’t help make it any easier. But within the travel industry, a consistent and alluring option arises: the all-inclusive vacation. A couple of clicks later, you and your group are ready to go, with all but one worry, what to pack?

What to pack for an all-inclusive vacation

The ever-practical vacation packages have been in high demand and constantly evolving since their introduction as French Club Med resorts in 1950 by Gerard Blitz. The All-Inclusive idea has since become very popular in warmer climates such as Mexico and the Caribbean. The formula is simple: give the traveler peace of mind by helping to make the planning element as hassle-free as the vacation itself. The idea of presenting all costs upfront would ease any budget restraints and deliver a true sense of vacation bliss while never having to flinch when the check arrives. For this reason, inclusive vacations have been around for so long becoming the favorite of families, romantic couples, and most recently, millennial buddies looking for adventures.

What Exactly is an All-Inclusive Resort, and What Does it Offer?

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The base formula of this concept is the same at most resorts; it includes the main essentials associated with any vacation (accommodation, meals, snacks, and drinks) presented with a set price per person, per day. Most hotels enhance their base package to include enticing add-ons, like water activities, off-property tours, alcoholic beverages, transportation, yoga, cooking classes, and even child care. With such an array of activities and exciting culinary options, there is no need to ever leave the resort. To fully lock in your peace of mind, don’t forget to confirm what your plan includes: tips? Premium alcohol? Activities? It is best to know before you book.

Why is an All-Inclusive Vacation a Good Idea?

Stress-Free Budget – One of the top reasons people book all-inclusive vacations is, of course, removing the stress of added expenses, those that tend to pile up while you sunbathe carefreely. Having all expenses paid for in advance makes total sense and will keep you on budget and in your zen mode.  

Easy to plan – Another great benefit of booking an all-inclusive vacation is it makes the planning so much smoother, with each member envisioning a vacation plan of their own, an all-inclusive resort removes any disagreements by offering something for everyone from food to entertainment. Keeping everyone in your group happy will give you that perfect balance of quality group time and relaxed alone time.    

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Great Value – If you love a great deal, receiving the best value for your money is always an enticing motive to book a trip. If you were to itemize the individual cost of the variety of choices offered in most packages, you would clearly see that you are getting more bang for your buck! 

Attainable Luxury – A growing number of luxury resorts are now offering all-inclusive plans to choose from, making lavish vacations attainable experiences without breaking the bank. Experience the top-notch amenities, exquisite cuisine, and first-class entertainment of a luxury hotel in a budget-friendly deal. 

Savings for all-inclusive vacations

With all the reasons listed above, what is stopping you from taking out your laptop and sense of adventure? Ready to live an elevated all-inclusive experience in style and luxury? Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is sure to check off all the posh boxes. Nestled in a secluded paradise between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean, this exclusive adults-only resort is designed with two architecturally riveting towers (the newly added South Tower will open its doors in Early Winter 2021) and offers an elite all-inclusive package full of tantalizing options to heighten your vacation experience to the max. 

Hotel Mousai features many premium gourmet restaurants with eclectic tastes to choose from. The North tower boasts Hiroshi Restaurant, offering contemporary Asian cuisine with a trendy vibe, perfect for date night. 

hiroshi restaurant

BocaDos Steak House, an innovative, chic concept with breathtaking views of Banderas Bay as a stunning backdrop to your casual dining experience, featuring dry-aged steaks, seafood, and plenty of vegetarian options. Pair your meal with a glass of wine to begin your extraordinary culinary adventure. 

bocados steak house at hotel mousai

Blanca Blue, located at Hotel Mousai’s neighboring sister resort, Garza Blanca Preserve (a short trolley ride away), serves Mexican cuisine. This vibrant display of Mexican gastronomy is an added-premium to Mousai’s all-inclusive plan. Steps away from the beach, the ambiance set by a colorful dish, a hand-crafted cocktail, and a breathtaking sunset will breathe life into your Mexico dream vacation. 

Blanca Blue at Garza Blanca

The new Mousai South Tower adds even more enticing cuisine options to your stay, featuring DAO, a contemporary Chinese restaurant with an upscale ambiance, and NOI, Italian gastronomy at its best, with contemporary and artistic design. Both towers conveniently offer 24-hour room service to satisfy any craving at all hours of the day. 

DAO at Hotel Mousai

Both Mousai towers provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing day of sipping margaritas by the sleek Rooftop infinity pools. The posh rooftops offer pool concierge services to help you relax and soak up the sun in style while inviting you to pool hop from one tower to the other. Hotel Mousai’s all-inclusive plan includes access to both the North and the South rooftop terraces for you to enjoy. 


Hotel Mousai also offers a world-class spa, a gym, complimentary resort activities including hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, yoga, basketball, tennis, and more.

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To sum up, the vacation planning step should be the beginning of the fun and excitement continuing to flow effortlessly from this point on until you’re back home posting pictures on Instagram. Booking an all-inclusive vacation will help you make your next trip as entertaining, relaxing, and stress-free as possible. With an extended range of vacation packages available, everything from family-friendly resorts with high-energy activities to finely curated adults-only experiences, your next picture-perfect adventure awaits you in a bundle of practicality and magical moments.