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Puerto Vallarta Diving Magic


Puerto Vallarta boasts some of the most breath-taking underwater landscapes in the world: volcanic formations, caves, rock arches, tunnels, coves, reefs, and magnificent drop-offs all merge together to make the best scuba diving terrains known to man. When it comes to Puerto Vallarta diving, Banderas Bay has a plethora of options when it comes to scuba diving excursions; beginners and experts alike will find something for them.

The enchanting biodiversity of the area will give you a peek into the native habitats of the amazing sea creatures which live here. You’ll have the chance to see eels, octopi, seahorses, sea turtles, striking tropical fish, and several types of rays. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in one of these diving spots of the coast of Puerto Vallarta:

Puerto Vallarta Diving at Los Arcos

Los Arcos is perhaps the landmark which is most synonymous with Puerto Vallarta; the Los Arcos national marine park is an awe-inspiring group of rock formations which, along with the waters surrounding them, are protected by the government. This protection is granted due to the rich variety of sea life that can be found here, but also because of the rare Blue-Footed Boobies who make this place their home. This is a haven for divers and snorkelers, and a popular stopping point for daytime boat tours for many reasons.

The shallow waters at Los Arcos are filled with beautiful tropical fish and coral reefs, and further down there are some truly awe-inspiring examples of marine life. The very brave and experienced may also wish to explore the patch of sand 60 feet down called the Devil’s Mouth; this leads to a wondrous, 1,800 foot deep sea canyon!

Puerto Vallarta Diving at Las Marietas

Las Marietas is a marine reserve which consists of 2 sizable islands and can be found on the northernmost end of Banderas Bay. Jacques Cousteau discovered these islands in the 1960’s and was in awe of the natural biodiversity which could be seen here; several underwater tunnels and caves hold gorgeous marine life and ethereal landscapes.

Regardless of your level of diving experience you can be sure you will  find somewhere to explore at Las Marietas as there are multiple diving areas which range from 30 to 110 feet deep. Though the fish and coral are breathtakingly beautiful you’re sure to be utterly gobsmacked by the dramatic stone wall on the south end of one of the islands; it starts 100 feet above the waves and plummets vertically deep into the sea. Las Islas Marietas are stunning both above and below the water, provided ample photo opportunities and the chance to see things you will never forget!

Puerto Vallarta Diving at Majahuitas

Majahuitas is a superb area for Puerto Vallarta which is situated just south of Hotel Mousai next to beach of the same name. In these waters you’ll have a chance to see a selection of tropical fish; these vibrant creatures make their home in and around the huge boulders which pepper the seabed here. This area should be top on your list for Puerto Vallarta diving if you want to see octopi, spotted eagle rays, and eels of all description. Gigantic manta rays with wingspans reaching 20 feet have also begun to call this area home more recently.

There are many more diving spots to explore in and around Puerto Vallarta, though, so be sure to ask the concierge or the onsite tour agency when you arrive.