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So, you are heading for a top notch vacation at the lavish 5 Diamond award Hotel Mousai for your vacation in Puerto Vallarta? Great choice! Together, the Garza Blanca nature preserve and Hotel Mousai offer all the amenities you could need and want for a unique and inspiring experience, including a host of on-site activities, yoga classes, hiking trails, state of the art gym and more. However, for those of you with energy to explore the charms and adventures of Puerto Vallarta, here is a list of some of the things you will find nearby Hotel Mousai to add that extra spice to your vacations in Mexico.

Visit Los Arcos


No vacation in the area would be complete without a trip to the iconic Los Arcos rock formation that lies a very short distance from Hotel Mousai and which can be seen from most of the suites at the 5 Diamond hotel. This beauty spot consists of a small cluster of granite islands in the waters of Banderas Bay and is teeming with marine life and birds. You can get close to Los Arcos by arranging a boat tour or by joining the hotel’s activities team on a regular kayak or paddle boarding excursion. Once you have arrived to the islands, you can swim and snorkel enjoying the caverns and caves underneath the rock formations. Scuba diving tours can also be arranged at Hotel Mousai’s tour agency.

ATV and Canopy Tours

For the thrill seekers amongst you, canopy zip line tours are the ideal way to see the top tier of the jungle. Excitement and stunning views can be seen around every corner, and the fun, friendly, enthusiastic guides will make the process as quick and comfortable as possible. Many zip line tours in Puerto Vallarta also offer ATV experiences too. These are memories you’ll never, ever forget.


Mismaloya is one of the most famous locations in the area as it put Puerto Vallarta on the international vacation map in the 1960s when it became the set for the movie starring Richard Burton, Deborah Kerr and Ava Gardner, “The Night of the Iguana”. This is an idyllic spot that offers stunning views of Los Arcos, lush jungles and a wonderful beach on which you can soak up some rays! What could be better than to kick back in front of the shining waves with drinks and plenty of palapas?

Boats to Beaches


The area around the Hotel Mousai and the Garza Blanca preserve is full of wonderful little hidden beaches that can only be reached by sea, and so water taxi’s are pretty much a part of life here. Keep an eye out for the hidden residences that dot the waterfront and some of the marine wildlife that can be found in these waters. Pack some food and explore the hidden beaches of Banderas Bay at your leisure!

Discover Las Animas


Las Animas can be reached very quickly by boat from Boca de Tomatlan, but many who visit the place regularly have come to treasure the 1.5 hour hike that can be made through the natural landscape from Boca de Tomatlan to Las Animas. This is a crowd pleaser which boasts inviting water, plenty of choice for food and drink, great weather and a truly stunning beach. The laid-back atmosphere to be found here is utterly mind-blowing.



Quimixto is one of the truly unique places to be found in and around Banderas Bay; the quaint and traditional village is to be found nestled in the jungle by a stunning waterfall which cascades from lush vistas high above. Most tourists come here to see this waterfall, and will take the 25 minute journey either on foot or on horseback with a guide. Once you’ve done this you can relax on the beach (which is a surfer’s favorite).

Walk Around Yelapa


Yelapa is a heavenly place to visit when you stay in the Hotel Mousai; you could stay for a day, over-night or even longer and never be bored! From Yelapa you can hike to multiple waterfalls, explore winding hillside paths through the town or while the day away on the pristine sands of the beach. Few things can top sitting in a hammock on the beach with a frosty drink while you watch the paddle-boarders and paragliders at their business.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

When you’re staying on the Garza Blanca preserve the Vallarta Botanical Gardens are pretty much a must-see! This is a haven; cool, lush, and calm, and a perfect place to find respite from the heat, bustle and noise of the city. Here you will find countless native plant species alongside butterflies, lizards and bird species. There is even a bordering river which is super refreshing after a long day of hiking in and out of the hot sun.

Puerto Vallarta Zoo (Zoológico de Vallarta)

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The Puerto Vallarta Zoo is within easy reach of the Hotel Mousai and is sure to inject some magic into your vacation. Here you will find over 700 exotic reptile, mammal and bird residents which you can interact with on very personal levels at some points. You could even hand-feed some of the animals. For the real nature lovers there are sessions which allow you to hand feed and hold baby lions, leopards, tigers and monkeys!


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