Instagrammable spots at Mousai

Sun, beach, sand, and your favorite cocktail by the poolside. Whether you plan to travel in the following weeks, a few months, or even next year, you most likely want to experience proper luxury travel. The fantastic Hotel Mousai is an adults-only luxury resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Paving the way for the next generation of designer hotels, offering one of the most exclusive experiences, incredible activities, hearing the echoes of nature coming from the Sierra Madre mountains, and it has some of our favorite Instagrammable spots in the world.

In today’s culture, for a place to be considered beautiful, it must be great for social media; it must be Instagram-worthy. Many resorts in the world are worthy of being called “instagrammable hotels” as they offer some of the best photo spots in Puerto Vallarta. But the Mousai luxury hotel is on a totally different level.

Imagine waking up, going to the private balcony, and seeing the imposing mountains that guard the hotel on one side, and on the other, seeing the orange sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. There you have it, the perfect Instagram shot.

Get ready to inspire your followers with our favorite Instagrammable spots at Hotel Mousai! Here are 8 of our favorite places to embellish your feed!

The Rooftop

It’s no secret to anyone that Hotel Mousai has the best rooftop in Mexico. It is located on the 18th floor, and from the moment you exit the elevator, you will see the infinite blue of the sky, which merges with the ocean and white clouds. The impressive heated infinity pool is easily the best rooftop swimming pool in Mexico as it has an entirely breathtaking and unobstructed view of the entire Bay of Banderas.

The ultra-luxurious beach club atmosphere will make you feel like you’re on top of the world –– literally and figuratively–– with a breathtaking ocean view and an endless rainforest backdrop.

The Orange Deck

The Orange Deck is a beautiful venue outside of the hotel’s luxurious Red Room event space.

The Orange Deck is a versatile and warm space, which is outdoors. It is used as an ideal place for wedding ceremonies or other events. It is also a perfect space for reflection, tranquility, well-being, and mindfulness activities, such as yoga and meditation.

One of the best features of the Orange Deck is the famous Orange Tree. More than just a unique design feature, the orange tree represents many symbolic meanings, such as inspiring the imagination and nurturing the senses.

Spa Imagine

Everyone needs to be pampered from time to time. So why not go to one of the best spas in the world?

Introducing Spa Imagine! It is on the 15th floor of the Hotel Mousai and has everything you and your partner need to eliminate stress and tensions.


Start your spa day at the hydrotherapy circuit that includes a sauna, steam room, vitality pool, and a cold plunge pool that will reduce toxins and relax you to a whole new level. Then go to enjoy a couple’s massage side-by-side on the state-of-the-art therapy beds. The Love Rekindle Ritual is a romantic ritual for lovers and afterwards you can enjoy private time in the cabin with sparkling wine and chocolate-coated fruit for a perfect Insta-worthy selfie.

Spa Imagine is one of our favorite Instagrammable spots to show off your deluxe pampering.

The Gym 

Get your blood pumping and adrenaline going at the fitness center that houses the latest and best fitness technology. For gym fanatics, you have all the equipment needed to keep you fit. All while looking out at the perfect backdrop, you have a perfect view of the ocean and the surrounding jungle landscape.

For those who like to play sports, enjoy a game of tennis, squash, or basketball on a private court, available at the Outdoor Play & Fitness Center. The team will provide you with the equipment you need, such as rackets and balls, to use while on the courts. If you and your partner are feeling competitive, Hotel Mousai hosts basketball tournaments three times a week, and when they finish, you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. And don’t forget to pose for a photo looking all sporty.

The Suites

As a luxury resort, the suites are a jewel in the crown of Hotel Mousai, and Mousai’s suites are the best. As soon as you enter, you will feel the warm welcome of a suite that offers beauty and technology. The suite has a vast terrace with a jacuzzi and a hammock that welcomes you.

You will have one of the best views of the sea from the terrace or an incredible view of the jungle-clad mountains behind the hotel.

Put on your bathing suit, relax in the jacuzzi, and capture the moment for posterity ––and Instagram.


The pièce de résistance is here! TierraLuna is an incredible brand-new outdoor space where art, social interaction, and recreational activities meet.

You will see the best of Mexico’s rich culture, including authentic Mexican traditions and customs. It is a free space for everyone where you can enjoy all kinds of activities and spend one of the best days of your trip.

TierraLuna is an innovative concept, where you will find the best restaurants, pieces of art that will make you dream, and you can go shopping, all in an open and beautiful space.

It is the ideal outdoor space where you will be able to either connect with your partner or friends, enjoy the staggering beauty of nature and captivate your senses, relish the best culinary offerings, or go on a shopping spree.

Plus, you can create some incredible Instagram stories and pictures that will blow your followers’ minds! TierraLuna is by far one of our favorite Instagrammable spots.


Restaurants at Hotel Mousai

Hiroshi is a fusion restaurant that delivers a menu that few can replicate in their dishes or flavor. For those who love to capture the moment and their dinner, you will be able to do so and enjoy one of the best culinary experiences at Hiroshi.

At Hiroshi, rising star chef Jorge Humberto Carrasco will be in charge of creating a culinary experience that will amaze you. He has dedicated his profession to perfecting his work in Japanese cuisine and his feasts. Constantly innovating and always looking to create something new and unique, he loves to develop new concepts with novel techniques that consistently deliver the best flavors.

The Beach

It’s no secret that Puerto Vallarta is all about the beach! And Hotel Mousai is the best option in the Bay of Banderas.

Mexico has many beautiful beaches, but Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are some of the best in Mexico, and Garza Blanca beach, which Hotel Mousai guests have easy access to, is among the best.

The white sand, the aquamarine sea, the towering mountains, and your favorite cocktail is all you need to relax and spice up your feed and create incredible stories for Instagram.

The pristine beach allows you to create content that will simply amaze your followers, and you will be the fascination –– or envy– of everyone!

Hotel Mosuai is a fantastic place to stay. You will feel very safe from COVID-19. From the rooftop to the beach, the food is delicious and an experience on its own.

There are so many places where you can capture the phenomenal backgrounds or the best moments. Wherever you are, rest assured, you will have the best vacation of your life, and your Instagram feed will look amazing.

We can promise an adventure that should not be missed!