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Heart Pumping Activities

You can learn how to use, or simply borrow, some stand up paddle boards from Hotel Mousai as you wish. Believe us when we say it’s one of the best ways to spend a sunny day if you like to be active, and the lessons are so quick. Our instructors can show you how to correctly position yourself and minimize the risk of an accident.

Your instructor will teach you:

  • The safest way to use your paddle board
  • How to fall off the board without causing injury to yourself or others
  • How to get the board back if you fall off
  • How to mount the board from the water
  • How to retrieve your paddle once you’re back on the board
  • How to stand correctly to stop you from falling Correct positioning (to avoid falling)
  • Efficient use of the paddle (to stave off fatigue)
  • How to move forward, stop, turn quickly if there’s an emergency
  • How to get out of the sea safely.


1 hour
Twice a week
Dress Code
Sunscreen and drinking water
calendar of activities

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