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Spa Imagine Signature Experiences Time Price
Hydrating Gemstone Facial 90 min $215 usd
Chakra Balancing Ritual 120 min $235 usd
Lavish Muse Ritual 140 min $325 usd
The Soul Connection (for couples) 110 min $425 usd
Traditional Therapies Time Price
The Ultimate Back Massage 30 min $75 usd
Vitality Leg Therapy 30 min $85 usd
Relaxing Massage 50/80 min $145/175 usd
Deep Tissue Massage 50/80 min $155/185 usd
Mom-to-Be Massage from 4 months 50 min $145 usd
Alternative Therapies Time Price
Aromatic Reflexology Hand & Foot 50 min $145 usd
Mindfulness Aroma Massage 50/80 min $155/185 usd
Ancestral Hot Stone Massage 80 min $195 usd
Herbal Therapeutic Massage 80 min $195 usd
Thai Massage 80 min $195 usd
Facials Time Price
Express Facial 30 min $89 usd
Vitamin C Facial 50 min $155 usd
The Imagine Facial 50/80 min $155/185 usd
Elevation Anti-Aging Facial 80 min $195 usd
Diamond Experience Facial 90 min $295 usd
Body Treatements Time Price
Customized Sea Salt Scrub 30 min $85 usd
Cinnamon & Vanilla Sugar Scrub 30 min $85 usd
Green Tea and Seaweed Body Wrap 60min $145 usd
After Sun Intensive Treatment 50 min $145 usd
Vitamin C Body Wrap 60 min $145 usd
Espresso Limón Slimming Treatment 80 min $175 usd
Spa Imagine Beauty Salon Time Price
Basic Manicure 40 min $45 usd
Basic Pedicure 50 min $55 usd
Spa Imagine Manicure 60 min $$65 usd
Spa Imagine Pedicure 70 min $75 usd
Mousai Luxury Manicure 70 min $75 usd
Mousai Luxury Pedicure 80 min $85 usd
Nail Polish $25 usd
French Polish $29 usd
Gel Polish $45 usd
Gel nail removal set $35 usd
Fix or removal per nail $5 usd
Waxing Time Price
Eyebrow, lip or chin $19 usd
Bikini $45 usd
Underarm $25 usd
Full arm $50 usd
Halfarm $35 usd
Full leg $70 usd
Half leg $50 usd
Back or chest $75 usd
Gentleman’s Recommendations Time Price
The Gentleman’s Facial 50 min $145 usd
Golf Ball Sport Massage ** 50/80min $155/185 usd
Sport Manicure & Pedicure $40/50 usd
Spa Imagine Experience Packages Time Price
Ancestral Mexican Ritual Cacao BodyWrap SOmin & Hot Stone Massage 40min 90 min $215 usd
Pacific Paradise Spa Experience Mini Facial, Body Scrub, Relaxing Massage; 30 min each. 90 min $225 usd
Top to toe Dazzle Package Relaxing Massage, Imagine Facial; 50 min each, Basic Manicure & Pedicure 190 min $375 usd
Spa Ritual for Gents Sport or Deep Tissue Massage 50min, Express Facial 30 min &Sport Pedicure 130 min $275 usd
Love Rekindle Ritual for couples* Two Customized Massage 50/BOmin with 30 min extra down time in the couple Suite. I ncludes a bottle of sparkli ng wine and chocolate-di pped strawberries*. 50/80 min $390/450 usd

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