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Want Your Best Friend to Marry You?

Want Your Best Friend to Marry You
Want Your Best Friend to Marry You?
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Everyone these days wants their wedding to be just as unique as they are, which is why so many couples choose to ask a close friend or family member to officiate their marriage.  Having someone near and dear to you solemnize your marriage can take your wedding from so-so to spectacular because they will be able to use the closeness you share to the ceremony, whether they deliver a heartfelt message or bring down the house with laughter.  While there are certain responsibilities that must be handled, if you trust your friend or relative to the job, almost anyone can perform your marriage ceremony once they have been legally ordained to carry out the task.  

The individual you wish to have perform your wedding ceremony will need to satisfy certain requirements dependent on where you will be getting married and if you have any religious affiliations.  Most people can become ordained simply by filling out an online form available through a ministry that ordains individuals looking to solemnize wedding ceremonies.  While many organizations only ask for contact information to be added to their database, some also ask for payment of a fee, an application that must be approved and completed, or a statement of religious faith.  

There are several states in the USA that ask for additional requirements to be met, which may include submitting extra paperwork or a letter about the officiant that explains the individual applying is in good standing within their ministry.  To avoid any surprises, you should be sure to carefully research what will be required in the specific region you will be married in.  There are many states that offer one-time licenses to individuals who reside there and only want to officiate at one wedding.  

If a destination wedding in a faraway place like Mexico is on your radar, keep in mind that even though your chosen officiant can perform your wedding ceremony, the marriage may not be legally binding.  With that being said, getting married legally at your local courthouse before your destination wedding will allow your friend or relative to still perform the symbolic wedding wherever you may choose to publically tie the knot.  

Keep in mind that some religious denominations will not recognize marriages performed by someone who is not ordained within that particular faith.  Although you will be legally married, it is possible that your church will not recognize your marriage; therefore, if religion is an important part of your life, make sure you understand where you church stands before your big day.

Asking a close friend or family member to officiate your wedding ceremony will help your marriage begin in the most memorable way possible!