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Service Animal Policy at Hotel Mousai

Service Animal Policy at Hotel Mousai
Service Animal Policy at Hotel Mousai
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Hotel Mousai is eager to share its Service Animal Policy with guests and members so that they understand the regulations set forth for individuals who need to travel with the assistance of a service animal. All of the hotels and resorts belonging to the Tafer collection have the same policy.

It is the goal of the hotel to ensure that guests and members who are traveling with a service animal experience a comfortable stay, and the service animal policy is in place to provide total satisfaction. Thanks to this policy, fellow guests and members, not to mention the service animals themselves, can also enjoy a lovely stay. For guests and members who meet all of the requirements to travel to the hotel with their service animal, the hotel is pleased to offer this service. The hotel wishes to remind all guests and members, however, that since it is not considered to be “pet friendly” there is a reasonable additional fee charged for a service animal to stay at the hotel.

 Terms and Conditions of the hotel for a stay including a service animal:

  • It is required of guests and members who plan to stay with their animal to present the hotel with all of the official documents that confirm that the animal has been approved as a service animal (certificates).
  • The service animal’s weight must not exceed 20kg (44 pounds).
  • To compensate for any potential damages that could occur, a refundable deposit of $200 USD will be collected upon check-in.
  • In addition to the animal’s accommodation fee, an extra daily fee of $50 will be added to deep clean the room throughout your stay.
  • The maximum limit of authorized service animals is one per room.
  • Service animals may not spend time in common areas such as restaurants, bars, the gym, swimming pools, etc. You may walk your service animal in designated areas only.
  • If you need your service animal with you while eating at any of the restaurants onsite, you will only be able to dine on the outdoor terrace spaces. There will be no exceptions made because of health and hygiene reasons.
  • If fellow guests or members complain of any noise or other disturbances made by your animal, the hotel reserves the right of entry to your room.
  • Your service animal is required to be on a leash at all times when in the hotel’s common areas.
  • If you need to leave your service animal alone in your room, it must be kept inside of its travel cage.
  • Service animals may not sit or sleep on any of the furniture within your suite, including beds and sofas. Furthermore, animal grooming may not be done with any towels belonging to the hotel.
  • As the owner of your service animal, you are solely responsible for your pet and its behavior during your stay at the hotel. You must sight a waiver agreeing to this when you arrive.
  • If you are not able to comply with all of the requirements mentioned above, the hotel may take action to deal with any infringements that have taken place.

 What is Provided

The hotel is committed to providing your service animal with a stay that is as comfortable and welcoming as possible. That is why the hotel provides the following services during your stay:

  • Food and water bowls will be available for your animal.
  • A clean pet bed that will be cleaned daily but replaced only if necessary.
  • Upon arrival, a complimentary set of waste collection bags.
  • For your convenience, you may purchase pet food through the hotel prior to your arrival if your service animal does not have any special dietary restrictions or needs.
  • A property map that shows the areas designated for walking your animal.

Please bear in mind that any damages that occur to the hotel’s pet items including cushions, beds and bowls, etc will be deducted from your animal deposit. All items belonging to the hotel should be left behind when you depart.