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Swim With Dolphins in the Wild in Puerto Vallarta

Swim With Dolphins in the Wild in Puerto Vallarta
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If you have ever witnessed dolphins in their natural habitat in the open water, you already know what incredibly charming and happy creatures they are.  Dolphins who are not confined to perform on command and live in cramped spaces against their will are amongst the most joyful animals on the planet.  Unlike the unfortunate dolphins who have been captured and used to entertain visitors in aquariums, dolphins in their natural environment are free from the discomfort of captivity.  Their intense curiosity, paired with an extremely friendly disposition, makes an encounter with them in the wild like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  

Swim with Dolphins in the Wild in Puerto Vallarta

Tips for swimming with dolphins


In the beautiful Banderas Bay, swimming with dolphins in the wild can become a reality when experts from Wildlife Connection guide you through an interaction with a Bottlenose dolphin pod on an excursion you will never forget.  You will be in good hands with the incredibly knowledgeable team which includes biologists who hold Master’s Degrees in Marine Ecology, science journalists and a professional wildlife photographer whose work has been featured in National Geographic and Animal Planet.  

Up Close and personal with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta

What to expect when swimming with dolphins

Heading out on the water with this dedicated group of professional biologists will allow you an up close and personal experience with dolphins.  You will be able to interact with these intelligent animals as you learn more about them from your knowledgeable guides.  The research that Wildlife Connection conducts dates back to 1998 in Banderas Bay, when they began studying a Bottlenose dolphin pod that resides year-round in the area.  You will have the privilege of participating in their ongoing research, which further helps the biologists understand and protect the local dolphins of Puerto Vallarta, simply by experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime tour.  

Personalized tours

You will be guided on a personalized tour with a small group of participants (between 12 and 14 people) on a shaded boat that allows you to approach the dolphins without major disruption to them.  The boats are equipped with a hydrophone on board so that you can listen to the dolphins as they communicate with one another.  While swimming with the dolphins isn’t always a sure thing (it depends on factors like their mood, the size of the group and how active and old they are), the tour guarantees that you will get to see them up close from the boat.  

What dolphins will you see?

What dolphins will you see?

Young dolphins are particularly curious and friendly, so encounters with them are often the highlight of the tour.  Although the resident Bottlenose Dolphin group is the main feature, spotted dolphins are sometimes involved with the tour as well.  From December through March, other marine wildlife is often encountered including spinner dolphins, rough toothed dolphins, Humpback whales, giant mantas, sea turtles, and sometimes even Orcas and False Orcas.  

Tours are available all year long, with daily excursions lasting roughly 3 ½ hours.  A bilingual guide who specializes in the study of dolphins will provide an educational tour that will leave you more knowledgeable, and hopefully more passionate, about these incredible animals.  All tours include a light breakfast, bottled water, soft drinks and snacks, and during tours that run from December through March, lunch will be served as well.  All ages are invited to experience this once-in-a-lifetime tour, and those with disabilities are encouraged to join in the fun, too.  

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